How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Mega (Kingo Method)

Rooting is the process of gaining root access on a device. This allows us full access to all aspects of the device’s operating system. The most popular thing to do once you gain root access is to flash a custom recovery. Custom ROMs, overclocking kernels, adding certain new features, etc. all require what is known as a custom recovery image. When an Android device ships from the manufacturer, it has a recovery mode built in. This is used to restore the device if it becomes unresponsive and to perform updates to the operating system. Once you have root access, however, we can replace this recovery image with our own custom recovery image that can, not only perform those same functions, but has a lot of added new features. One such new feature, is the ability to allow us to flash custom versions of the operating system (custom ROMs). These custom versions, created by talented third-party developers, can add new versions of the operating system, add features from other devices that aren’t normally available on your device, etc.

Thanks to Kingo and their popular rooting program, we can root the Samsung Galaxy Mega in one click. Here’s how.

I. Before You Begin

1. This only works on Windows since the rooting program is only for Windows.

II. Enable USB Debugging.

1. On the Galaxy Mega, go to Settings > General > About Device.


2. Repeatedly tap on Build Number until it says you are a developer.


3. Hit back and tap Developer Options.


5. Turn on USB Debugging.


III. Root Using Kingo App

1. Download Kingo.


2. Double-click the exe to install Kingo.


3. Follow the prompts to install Kingo.


4. Wait for it to install the drivers and when it tells you to unplug the device, do so.


5. When it tells you to plug the device back in, do so.


6. Tap always allow and click OK on your device when prompted.

7. Click the Root button and wait for it to finish.


8. Once done, it’ll reboot and you are all done!


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  • John C.

    Trip knox?

  • Benny Bautista

    root failure on my samsung mega metro pcs android original 4.2.2 scrips error

    • Bryan Robertson

      Nevermind. I think I found my answer. 🙁

  • ezzat mar

    thank you

  • Bryan Robertson

    Does this root method work with metropcs version of the galaxy mega?? o_0

    • jay

      Yes read comment posted by me it explains why kingo will fail on metro ver becuase of knoc security and it explains how to get around it

    • daniel

      Did you ever get your metro mega rooted?

  • Hooligan

    Thanx first time rooting a device and it works like a charm appreciates it man

  • GuILtY718

    No root for the I527 (AT& version)?

  • jay

    I hope this helps anyone trying metro ver of this phone follow kingo instructions if still not rooted becuase of samsung security app go to playstore and update the sipersu that kingoninstalled then launch app it will remove knox and kingo will rroot metro ver

  • faze

    I have a script error on my galaxy mega metro ver.please help

    • Reach out to Kingo and see if they have a solution.

  • Jennifer Rae Pitts

    I have not been able to root mine using this… I have the AT&T Mega 6.3 baseband version I527UCUBNE7

  • chewnel

    root fail on my samsung mega i9025

  • Joshua Taylor

    Does not work for the ATT version even on the new Kingo updated app. The ATT baseband for 4.4.2 is apparently locked and we are screwed for a while until a dev takes us into interest. I have tried the 10 most popular root methods on the web and none of them support the i527 4,4,2 version, or yet’ at least they say which sucks because the new version screwed up all SD card permissions for apps.