How To Use Multi Window On Samsung Galaxy Devices

It’s time to make the most of your Galaxy Note 3’s massive 5.7 inch screen. Multi Window is a brilliant little Samsung feature that lets two apps share your Note 3’s screen, bringing smartphone multitasking to a new level. For example, you can watch YouTube videos on one half of the screen, and take notes on the fly with S Note on the other half. The app combinations and uses are endless.

I. Turn On The Multi Window Feature

1. Swipe down from the the top of the screen to pull down the notifications menu.


2. Swipe from right to left on the Quick Panel bar till you find the Multi Window button.


3. Tap the Multi Window button to turn the feature on, it will turn green to signify that it is turned on.


4. Swipe up from the bottom to get rid of the notifications menu and go back to your home screen.


II. Select Which Two Apps Will Share Your Screen

1. Tap the small, rounded white tag (with an arrow pointing right) in the center left of your home screen.


2. Tap the box next to “Do not show again” in the tip window and hit OK so that the tutorial doesn’t appear anymore.


3. Select an app from the vertical app tray (scroll down to see more apps). It will open in full screen first.


4. Select another app, and you’re using two apps at the same time!



If you like, you can resize each half by tapping the blue circle in the center and moving your finger up/down (or sideways if holding the phone in landscape mode).

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