How to Root the Wiko Cink Peax 2 Android Smartphone

The Wiko Cink Peax 2 is equipped enough to compete with most mid to high-end devices, with its quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, and a 4.5-inch screen, running Android 4.1.2.  But if you are unhappy with its performance, the device can now be rooted, which should at least make it a bit more alluring, now that it can be overclocked/underclocked, themed, etc.  The guide below should have you rooted in no time and if you are interested in flashing custom ROMs, you can also later install a custom recovery in another guide.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  Back up everything you think is important before you start.

2.  Charge your device to 75% or more before you begin.

3.  Make sure you have the right drivers installed.  If not, use these and then start the procedure.

II.  Necessary Downloads [Link available under #3 of the Root section of this post]

III.  Rooting the Wiko Cink Peax 2

1. Enable USB debugging on your device.  To do this, go to Settings > Development options and tick the USB debugging checkbox.

2.  Connect your device to your PC.  If there are any drivers being installed at this point, let them do so before continuing.

3.  Extract to a folder on your desktop.

4.  From the extracted folder, hold the Shift key on your keyboard, right-click on run.bat, and click on Run as administrator to start the rooting tool.

5.  Follow the on-screen instructions and wait until your device reboots.

Once your Wiko Cink Peax 2 reboots, it should be completely rooted!

IV.  Installing a Custom Recovery

If you want to install a custom recovery to enable flashing custom ROMs, use our guide here.

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  • Joylopes

    Thanks, it worked

  • JP

    hi ! i have a wiko cink and computers , but none with windows OS , all with linux .
    how can i root my phone then please ?
    can’t find any working apk …
    thx !!
    JP / France