LG’s Incredible Floating Speaker at CES (Video)

On Dec 27th, we all caught a glimpse of LG’s super futuristic looking levitating speaker as it made its rounds across the web with the announcement it would be unveiled at CES. Funny thing happened at CES though. No major tech publication covered it. Well almost none.

LG’s levitating speaker is impressive looking. This feat is accomplished by some very powerful magnets that suspend the speaker a few inches above the base (and, of course, it slightly spins for added effect).

Essentially, the floating part produces all of the high and mid tones while the base produces the lower end tones. LG says that despite the base being a subwoofer the floating part is comparable to any other bluetooth 360 speaker and can even be taken off and used portably (aided by the fact you can stick it to anything metal and it won’t budge).

The speaker has 10 hours of playback time according to LG and when it starts to run out? It simply lowers itself down to the base gracefully, charges, then floats it’s way back up to it’s normal happy state of floating.

LG PJ9 Recharging

If you, or say a drunk friend decides they feel the urge to smack it off it’s base, which LG would like me to tell you, is highly not recommended, it is at least IP67 certified so it can survive an accidental drop and even getting splashed with a little water.

When the speaker is levitating, you can control it with an app easily but when it’s off you can also control it via the buttons on the speaker itself.

LG PJ9 in Hand

I mean you can try and control it with these buttons while it’s floating but at the risk of pushing too hard and it flying off the base.

The PJ9 will be available X for $X and even though a floating speaker is probably not a necessity you have to admit it looks pretty cool and since it’s LG you can bet it’ll sound pretty good too.

Thoughts, guys? Anyone want a levitating speaker?

Special thanks to DigitalTrends.com for bringing me with them to CES! Check out their site for more tech from CES!

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