7 Best Features of the OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro, the latest flagship killer turned killer flagship maybe, has arrived and is even available on T-Mobile (which we’ll get to why that’s awesome in an of itself later). Now, I’ve had enough time with at this point that I’ve figured out my favorite 7 features of the OnePlus 7 Pro and figured I’d share them for anyone looking to maybe buy one.


First up, that screen. It might just be one of the best on the market.

It’s an OLED screen which means that each individual pixel can be illuminated separately and even turned off to give you the blackest blacks and just an overall high contrast. It’s pretty for sure.

On top of that though, OnePlus also made it a native 90hz panel. That means that the screen can refresh the image on the display 90 times a second. What that translates to in the real-world is super smooth transitions, scrolling, gaming, and movement in general.

It’s something you subtly notice while using the device, but then sorely miss when you use any other phone after it.


Speaking of smooth, OnePlus has always been known for optimizing the crap out of their software to produce some of the fastest performing phones on the market.

If you ever look up “speed tests” on YouTube (videos where people open the same apps on different phones and see how quickly each loads and performs), you’ll be hard pressed to find any with a OnePlus in it that the OnePlus doesn’t win it.

This comes down to a combination of those software optimizations I mentioned, on top of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 high-end chipset and either 6, 8, or 12GBs of RAM (which is just delightful overkill frankly).

Warp Charge 30

While we’re on the subject of speed still, OnePlus took a feature off of their McClaren Edition 6T they made not too long ago and added it to the new OnePlus 7 Pro: Warp Charge 30.

Without getting too technical on how it works, the concept is that in addition to the charging brick being able to supply 30 Watts of power (hence the 30 in the name) using higher amps and volts, it also has built in circuitry that allows it to dissipate heat in the charging brick instead of your phone normally doing it and thus losing effeciency.

This is interesting in that it means that not only does it charge super fast (15 mins gets you about 30% battery, 30 mins gets you about 60%, and an hour will get you to 90%), but it’ll charge basically as fast even if you’re using it while it’s charging (and it won’t get hot).


Something I was happy to see OnePlus add to the new OnePlus 7 Pro, is three rear cameras–each with a different focal length. We have the option of an ultra-wide, “normal”, and a 3x telephoto camera (which I prefer to the 2x of other devices since 2x feels to similar in framing to the 1x).

I did my real-world test video on the OnePlus 7 Pro which you can check out here and compared it to other flagship phones out if you want to check that out, but I have to admit, it’s the best camera OnePlus has ever made.

Here are some samples and comparisons against other flagships out.

Speaking of cameras though, one of the more unique features that I am slightly enamored with, is the pop-up front facing camera. I’m not one to mind notches or punch-holes but its a clever way of removing that for anyone who does.

Also, because it can pop up it can be a larger camera sensor which should mean better selfies.

I also love using it for face unlock and find it even faster than the in-screen fingerprint sensor. And can we just talk about the sound it makes? So good.


Now, beyond the optimizations OnePlus does to Oxygen OS, their UI on top of Android, to make it faster, it also happens to be my favorite UI for Android just behind the Pixel version.

It’s very minimalistic and very close to whatever stock Android would be nowadays, but they’ve also added a bunch of little extras like a screen recording app, Fnatic mode that boosts the processor, network connectivity, and do not disturb for when you just want to game, parallel apps to let you have two accounts for social networks on the same device (like Snapchat, example), etc.


Another thing that needs to be mentioned because it’s a big deal is that the OnePlus 7 Pro is exclusively being sold at T-Mobile in the US. You always could get OnePlus devices online directly from OnePlus, but having a major US carrier behind the device definitely has its benefits.

From the fact you can use T-Mobile’s crazy fast network thanks to the phone having the latest modem technology (like Gigabit LTE which I explain in this video if you’re interested), having support for the device at any of their over 20,000 stores, and having the ability to get the phone for $0 down and $0 interest for well-qualified buyers) in addition to being able to trade devices in to T-Mobile towards it makes it that much easier to get.


Speaking of, the last feature I like about the OnePlus 7 Pro is the price.

It happens to be the most expensive OnePlus device ever, but even still, its hundreds less than similarly-spec’d phones.

On T-Mobile you can get it for just $699 and again you can use that trade-in program and special financing offer, too. Making it one of the best phones you can get for the money.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and you can check out the OnePlus 7 Pro out at any T-Mobile store to try it out for yourself.

Check out the OnePlus 7 Pro at your local T-Mobile store, and as always, thanks for watching!

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