How to Add Cool Animations to Your Homescreens on Your iPhone (JB Tweak)

Swirling, cubing, fading, any animation you can think of can now be applied to your homescreens on your iPhone thanks to a jailbreak tweak called Barrel.

While Barrel isn’t a new tweak, it was recently updated to work with the latest version of iOS and it’s definitely worth mentioning yet again.

You can download Barrel from Cydia for $2.99 and after its installed you simply open the app, tap the different animation you’d like to use and, from then on, whenever you swipe left or right on the homescreen of your iPhone, your icons won’t do their normal (see: boring) sliding out of the way –they’ll swirl, cube, fade, or whatever other animation you chose.

Here’s a video and instructions on how to install and use Barrel for iOS.

I. Jailbreak Your iPhone

1. Your iPhone must be jailbroken before you can install the tweak. Please head to our jailbreaking section to learn how you can jailbreak your iPhone and get Cydia running on it by selecting the version of iOS you are currently running and doing the specific tutorial for that version of iOS. When you’re done, come back here and continue.

II. Install Barrel

1. Tap on Cydia to launch it on your iPhone.

2. Tap on Search in the bottom-right corner to search and install a tweak on your iPhone.


3. Tap on the search box on the top and type in and tap on Barrel.


4. Tap on Purchase in the top-right corner to purchase the tweak.


5. Sign-in with your account to be able to make the purchase.


6. Tap on Pay Now to pay for the tweak using your payment method.


7. Once the purchase’s done, tap on Close in the top-right corner.


8. Tap on Install in the top-right corner. It used to be Purchase before.


9. Tap on Confirm in the top-right corner to confirm the installation.


10. Wait for the tweak to be installed on your iPhone.

11. Tap on Restart SpringBoard for the changes to take effect.


12. Wait for it to restart.

13. And you’re done!

The tweak has been successfully installed on your iPhone. Here’s how you can start using it:

III. Using Barrel

1. Tap on Barrel on your iPhone’s homescreen.


2. Tap on Mode to see the different animation effects available for you.


3. Tap on the mode that you wish to set as the default animation mode on your iPhone.


4. When you’re done choosing a mode, close the app.

5. Swipe through the homescreens on your iPhone to see the magic of the tweak.


6. You’re all set!

Now, whether Barrel is worth the $2.99 is up to you, but I guarantee that it is definitely a great way to confuse the crap out of your non-jailbroken friends and isn’t $3 worth that in itself?

Let me know if it worked for you and what animation you like the best!

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