Amazon Makes the New Echo Show Official: An Echo w/ a Screen

Welp, that rumor I told you to take with a grain of salt last week? Think it’s safe to say the salt wasn’t necessary.

Amazon unveiled their new Amazon Echo Show this week and that leaked image was pretty much spot on (although the better renderings make it definitely look sleeker than the leaked image did).

The newest member of the Echo family now has the ability to show you videos and images in addition to speaking to you and responding to your voice. The video on the product’s page is actually pretty compelling for how the device could be used. Because of that, I’ll let it do the talking for a sec:

And it sort of makes sense, no? In addition to allowing information to be presented on a screen, that video calling actually doesn’t look too bad either and since Alexa now can do calling to anyone with an Echo or even just the Alexa app on their phone, it’s a good way to communicate for that matter.

Check out the Echo Show for yourself.

I pre-ordered one and will definitely be doing a video on it when it arrives (June 28th), but in the meantime, anyone thinking of getting one already?

Source: Amazon
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2 responses to “Amazon Makes the New Echo Show Official: An Echo w/ a Screen”

  1. Great Artiste says:

    I would love to get this Day 1, but my extremely limited budget won’t allow me at this time. Shortly after I bought my Echo Black Friday 2015 I got the $40 (sale price) Kindle for the primary purpose of having immediate visual feedback of each command/operation/song, etc.. I always thout the missing piece was a screen. The thing that hooked me into the cult of Alexa was my need to get rid of reliance on my phone to run my Insteon smart home system. What a pain that was to find/get phone, unlock it, open app, THEN turn on a light or the AC. Sheesh! That all went away with the Echo, what a dream come true. But all the other stuff, a monitor for your front door video-intercom, security cameras, video calls, web browsing, etc, etc.WOW! So I drool over the Show… won’t someone gift me one?

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