Best Gaming Desktop Under $1000

While I travel too much and need a gaming laptop to edit my videos on the road, you can actually get something just as powerful and for a lot less money by getting a desktop. So I figured for anyone looking to get themselves a gaming desktop that packs the most power for the money I’d try and find the best gaming desktop under $1000. And I think this might be it.

Check out the cheapest price I could find on the computer here if interested.

This video was made in partnership with AMD, but all thoughts and views are my own. Hope you enjoyed it!

This is the Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop and the styling is the first thing you notice about it. It’s made out of a metallic casing that is pretty sleek for the price and, of course, has an LED element to it. Thankfully though, that element is pretty subtle and can easily be turned off if you want. Overall though, I have to admit I think Dell actually managed to get a good balance for a desktop that is subtle enough to sit in an office with just enough gamer audacity.

And let me just tell you, it has more ports than you’d ever need. For ports on the front, we have a microphone/headphone audio combo port, 1x USB 3.1 Gen 1 port without power and one with power (both support up to 10Gbs speed) and 2 USB 2.0 ports mainly for peripherals.

On the back, we have a pair of old-school keyboard and mouse ports that I don’t think you’ll ever need, but hey just in case. Then we have 4x USB Gen 1 ports, two more USB 2.0 ports, 1x 7.1 channel surround 3.5mm audio jack, a gigabit ethernet port (important for faster gaming), an HDMI port, and three DisplayPorts.

We also have 802.11ac Wifi and Bluetooth 4.1 radios.

It also comes with a keyboard and mouse that are okay to use in a pinch but they aren’t great (just nice to see them included so you can use them right out of the gate I guess), but if you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll either have your own setup you like or you’ll probably want to opt for a gaming keyboard and mouse eventually.

Specs-wise, this gaming desktop features an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processor that, if you’re not familiar with AMD, was just named Tom’s Hardware’s Best Overall Gaming CPU in 2018 and I get why. AMD has come a long way and their processors are generally more powerful than their Intel equivalents but are also a lot cheaper. That CPU is supposedly 30% more powerful in multi-core performance than the Intel chip and yet it’s about 25% cheaper according to some popular benchmarking sites.

That’s important here because less expensive processor means a less expensive overall computer.

This model I have here also has 16GBs of RAM, but since it’s a desktop, that RAM is easily upgradeable and will support up to 32GBs in total. There is also a 1TB hard drive and an optional 256GB SSD that you can use for the boot drive and to install programs on that’ll increase the performance of apps and the OS but then use that much larger 1TB drive for storage. Again though, both of those are easily upgradeable, as well.

In addition to that, we have an AMD Radeon RX580 GPU (the same one Apple uses exclusively for their eGPU product that boosts the performance of their own computers). It has 4GBs of memory dedicated to graphics and again because it’s AMD, it’s comparable, if not outperforming its NVIDIA counterpart for less money (even their stock price reflects how they’ve managed to slowly start gaining traction against their competitors).

And now, for anyone interested, here are some popular gaming benchmarks.

As you can see, this thing can handle any game basically so long as you stick to 1080P, which for this price is still quite impressive. It even was able to handle some games at 1440p which is just a bonus.

Also, it’s important to note that even during those benchmarks, the thing stayed quiet. No real audible noise at all.

Check out my video on how to use an External GPU with your laptop if you want to get some more desktop-like graphics power out of your laptop.

So, with all that power at such a lower price than normal thanks to AMD components, one of the nicest looking chassis’s I’ve seen on a computer of this price, the fact it’s easily upgradeable and has ports for days, it’s no wonder that sites like LifeWire & PCMag even named it their best gaming desktop computer under $1000, and Digital Trends even went as far as to straight up pick it as their best desktop under $1000.

Check out the cheapest price I could find on the computer here if interested.

Let me know what you guys think!

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