Looking to get multiple monitors for your desk setup? Instead of just putting them on a stand, why not get a proper monitor mount for them and make them infinitely adjustable at a moment’s notice and clear up more desk space.

Now the word mount I feel has a connotation that it involves a lot of tools and is difficult to do. But, a company whose TV mounts I always recommend (and just happen to be one of the top selling on Amazon, as well) just started making computer monitor mounts so I figured I’d check them out in this video and see if the company is just as good at desk monitor mounts as they are at wall TV ones and show you how to mount your monitor (and why it’s not as hard as it sounds and is totally worth it).

Choose Your Monitor Mount

First, you need at least one monitor. Regardless of you already have one or are looking at some to buy, the company has an easy tool to use to check which monitors and mounting arms work together.

So, with your computer model number handy, head to this link here and then choose single monitor mount, dual monitor mount, or triple monitor mount.

Then choose the type of mount you want. I liked the ones with the dynamic gas spring in them so they can be moved around in a number of directions with one hand but you can get ones without this to save a little money if you don’t need that. Regardless, for these type of monitors that are adjustable in this many degrees, these are all well priced, honestly.

Now, start to input your monitor model number in the field provided and it’ll autocomplete, let you select it, and tell you if it’ll work with that mount or not.

Once you find one you like, click Tell Me More on the site at the bottom and you’ll be brought to a page to order it from Amazon or directly from the website itself. Order, then wait.

How to Mount the Monitor(s) to Your Desk

Once the mount(s) arrive, all you’ll need is a Philips head screwdriver of some sort and everything else is included with the mount which is awesome.

Attach the Mount to the Desk

The first thing you’ll do is take everything out of the packaging then take a second to appreciate the sense of humor the company has by looking in the instructional booklet (c’mon, a mini nuke, what company does that?!).

After you’ve sufficiently admired that, you’ll put the rubber stoppers on the part of the mount that sits on the desk to protect the desk.

Then position the mount on the desk where you want to put it and we either use the hand-turnable crank for the triple monitor mount or one of the included Allen keys to tighten the mounting clamp to the table. I probably don’t need to tell you but, make sure this is clamped pretty tightly to the desk.

Mount the Monitors

After that, we just need to look at the back of our computer monitor(s) we’re mounting and if there are any screws on the back for mounting, remove them.

Once removed, you’ll use the included long or short spacers and long or short screws to make sure the monitor mount backing will fit flush to the back of the monitor (all three different monitor models I used didn’t need any of the spacers and just used the smallest screw so I assume that’s the norm, but if you have ports for cables that need some room or if the back of the mount doesn’t fit flush, you can use those to fix it).

Now, we can screw in two of the screws into the top two holes in the back of the monitor. Make sure to not screw them in all the way and to leave a little room.

We need that room to rest these two screws on the two half circles in the bracket of the mount and once there you can tighten those down a bit and then put in the two remaining screws in the bottom two holes.

Once all of those are tight, that’s all the “hard” parts done already.

Clean Up The Cables

Set the monitor where you’ll probably use it and plug the power cable and whatever A/V cable you’ll be using (HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.) into the back of the monitor and then you can wrap it around the monitor mounting arm and through the various cable management channels that the company has added to the mount and down the bottom to connect to the wall or your computer. Love that they have this and it definitely helps with it looking cleaner than say, zip ties.

Revel in the Awesomeness

Plug in the computer, adjust the monitor mount arm to the height and position you want and boom, you’re good to go.

Now, if you want to check out the specific mounts I used or check out the monitors I recommend that have thin bezels so they look good side by side but are the best prices that I could find, check out the links below:

Echogear on Amazonhttps://amzn.to/2PC7EyB
Echogear Mount Finderhttp://bit.ly/echogearmonitormount

This video was created in partnership with Echogear. Don’t forget to use coupon code “TheUnlockr” for 20% off on the above mounts!

Monitor I Used for Triple Mounthttps://amzn.to/2EskFtc
Monitor I Used for Dual Mounthttps://amzn.to/2PA1QFs
Ultrawide Monitor I Used for the Single Mounthttps://amzn.to/2PzCRlY

Otherwise, there you go! Hope that was helpful for some of you and let me know in the comments below what you think of the mounts, this video, etc. and, as always, thanks for reading!

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