Best Portable AC Outlet You Can Buy

Batteries suck. It’s just a fact of life at the moment. And because of that fact, portable battery packs have become a very popular way of making sure your electronics are topped up whenever you need. And they’re great. They’re only hindered by the fact that they’re generally pretty limited in capacity and whatever you are trying to charge, needs to be able to be charged by USB for the most part.

But what if one of these had a full-blown AC outlet on it, heck, what if it had two?

This is the ChargeTech PLUG portable AC outlet battery pack and it’s the elite of battery packs.

Firstly, it’s 54,000mah, that’s enough to charge your iPhone XS almost 20x over.

And unlike other portable chargers, it supports up to 250W devices so that’s laptops, televisions, speakers, drones, whatever.

Me Using the AC Outlet with my Laptop

It has two fast charge USB ports, one USB-C port, and those two worldwide AC outlets that’ll accept any charger you put in them (you simply have to choose between the 110V US version or 220 international version when buying it).

The PLUG portable AC power bank is not small, of course, but compared to the alternative of potentially using a small generator for the same things you’d be charging, it’s a lot more portable of a solution, for sure.

Now this thing, as with all things, doesn’t come without any cons. There are two big ones for me that you need to consider.

First, you cannot take the 54,000mah model on flights. The limit in the US and internationally is 100wH you figure this out by dividing mah by 1000 and multiplying it by the output voltage.  Now, I brought it with me to Germany for IFA last year from the US not realizing this limit and no one questioned it. But upon a flight from Berlin to Frankfurt within Germany, it was seized and that’s when I learned about the battery limit the hard way. The captain of the plane actually took a look at the device and told me he would allow me to fly with it so long as I kept an eye on it during the flight which was very kind of him, but I wouldn’t suggest relying on the kindness of pilots.


So they also make a travel model that they say is approved to fly on international flights that is only 42,000mah and is $30 cheaper. Which is still plenty of battery and since I fly a lot, it’s probably the model I’d actually go for instead.

Which brings us to the other issue with this particular rechargeable AC power supply: the price.

The 54,000mah model called the PLUG Pro, is $299 and the PLUG Travel is $269 so neither is terribly cheap. Now, again if you compare it to a small generator, sure, it’s a deal, but compared to other battery chargers out there, it’s pretty pricey.

Chargetech Portable AC Outlet

They do have an older model though that is a lot smaller, only has one outlet (and it’s not universal) but it’s only 27,000mah, but I managed to find it on Amazon for about $200 if you don’t need as much battery and want something a little cheaper and more portable but still has a proper outlet.

Personally, I’d probably go for the 47000mah version as to me the whole point is that I want as much battery as I can get but still be able to fly with it as I fly constantly for work. Also, if you’re plugging in outlet devices, they are generally more power hungry anyway so the more Mah you have at your disposal, the better.

Power Left

There you go guys, a quick rundown of the best portable AC outlet, I could find. You can the models out here and let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

PLUG Pro –

PLUG Travel –

Older Model –

Thanks for reading!

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