Carnival Cruise Just Launched a Wearable and It’s Crazy (Video)

Remember the scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise enters a department store, is recognized by the holographic assistant based on his eyes being scanned to asked how his last purchase was?

Carnival Cruise, just took a big step in that direction with the launch of their Medallion here at CES.

The device, a small wearable called a Medallion is similar to the Disney Magic Band announced back in March and the idea is similar.

Upon registering for the cruise, you input things like whether you like to party, prefer to relax, whether you brought children, etc. and upon arriving receive your customized Medallion.

Interacting with some 7000 sensors across the ship the device tracks your location and will make recommendations on things you, personally, might like to do in that area of the ship.

Carnival Sensors

For example, you mentioned you like Broadway shows and happen to be walking by the theater on the ship and a show is starting soon so the Portal, one of about 4000 touchscreen TV’s located around the ship, might pop on, say hello and ask you if you’d like to book tickets to the show around the corner.

Alternatively, if you mention you prefer to read books by the pool a lot, it’ll recommend you those types of things instead, etc.

The medallion to do some more traditional home automation stuff we’re used to seeing like turn on the air conditioning and even unlock the door to your room as you approach.

Medallion Opening a Door

My favorite feature of this new medallion though? This also allows you to be able to order food from any restaurant on the ship and have it delivered directly to wherever you are on the ship for free. Like your own Postmates for the ship.

Carnival’s entire concept behind this is that on a cruise ship your trip should be as seamless as possible, no more putzing around trying to figure things out, let the ship itself help you along.

It’s pretty cool in my opinion so long as I can control the level of interaction it is going to give me.

What do you guys think?

Special thanks to for bringing me with them to CES! Check out their site for more tech from CES!

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  1. Chemy says:

    it’s cool, I have nothing to hide so for me it would work in daily life too.

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