The Coolest Looking Razor You Can Buy (Video)

I think I look like I’m twelve when I shame of my beard entirely, so generally, I like to keep at least a little stubble going on here. If I let it grow out on the other hand, it’s oddly a red beard thanks to a great grandmother or someone with in my family being a redhead and frankly it just looks quite ridiculous. Now, all of that means, that I need to keep this in check and that means I need have a decent razor.

My last one finally died and while looking for a new one, I found the coolest looking razor I’ve ever seen.

I like modern things so the Trym II electric, um, trimmer, definitely caught my eye. With its glass front, straight edges and black color it reminds me of another pretty piece of technology.

Check out the Razor on Amazon.

Razor Next To iPhone

Even the box resembles that of a cell phone box I’m used to unboxing here on the YouTube channel.

Razor Box Next to iPhone Box

Funny thing is, I bought it based on its looks (and its glowing reviews) but then ended up loving it because it was just a damn good razor.

The blades are definitely sharper than my old razor and that simply means I don’t have to shave over the same spot a million times to get it to actually cut my hair. It also has the power behind it to make sure that even if my hair gets a bit unruly it doesn’t snag or get caught in the blades –it just goes right through it.

It comes with 4 trimming attachments as well for whatever length of beard you want to have that day, some cleaning oil and brush, AC adapter, and even an equally slick looking base.

Check out the Razor on Amazon.

Now, I’ve tried to get crazy technically impressive razors with vacuums and LED screens and the vacuums never really catch any of the hair and screens seem to not have much of a point. The bottom line is I now have an inexpensive razor that is good at doing the one thing I need it to do: trim my beard. And beyond that, I don’t put it in the medicine cabinet like my old one, it looks good enough to sit on my actual bathroom counter.

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