The Current State of Windows on ARM-Architecture (& Its Promising Future)

We’ve heard a lot about computers based on different processor architectures lately, but what is the latest with Windows on Snapdragon? Well, in this video, I go through all of the major changes that might have flown under your radar when it comes to Snapdragon chipsets on Windows computers as well as take a trip to discover what is in store for their near future. Thanks again to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. for sponsoring this video. Check out what they’re doing with their Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 and the new Lenovo ThinkPad X13s here! –

Why You Should Pay Attention to the RAM in Your Next Phone

We’re all familiar with how RAM allows you to multitask on our phones, but it actually does so much more (and those letters next to the RAM on a spec sheet mean more than you think). Here’s why you should pay more attention to the RAM in your next phone. HEAD HERE TO SEE WHAT ELSE MICRON IS DOING WITH MEMORY AND STORAGE:

How Appliances are Getting as Smart as Your Phone

It feels like, compared to our smartphones, the rest of our tech is a bit behind. Well, after GE Profile showed me their innovation studio in Kentucky, I think we can safely say that the smart kitchen and smart appliances are finally catching up. Thanks for watching!

What is Moore’s Law? (& Why It Affects All of Our Electronics)

There’s been a lot of talk about Moore’s Law lately. It’s dead, it’s alive, and everything in between has been said on various publications across the internet. Well, after month’s of research and talking to some of the best experts in the field I think we can truly answer whether Moore’s Law is dead or not, why it matters to you and I, and what’s next for our computer chips. Thanks for watching!

What AI is Really Doing On Your Phone

There’s all this talk about AI and machine learning on our mobile devices lately but what does mobile AI actually mean? Here’s some examples of what mobile AI is actually doing on your devices right now and how it’s affecting your daily life. Check out what phones are getting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset here: Thanks for watching!

What is WiFi 6E? (& Why It’s The Most Important WiFi Update in Years)

The latest version of WiFi is called WiFi 6E and if you’ve heard of it, maybe you’ve been wondering what WiFi 6E is exactly? In this video, I’ll explain what WiFi 6E is, what the difference is between WiFi 6 vs WiFi 6E and why it’s such an important update to the WiFi standard. LINK(S) MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO:(If you buy something from a link, I may earn a commission but you will not be charged any extra) Check out Qualcomm’s WiFi 6E tech here: My original WiFi 6 video: Thanks for watching!

Why All 5G is Not Created Equal

The number of names for 5G is confusing: 5G, 5G Ultra Capacity, 5G Ultra-Wideband, 5G Plus, 5G Nationwide, and more. Why so many 5G names? Why so many 5G icons? What’s the difference between all these 5Gs? Well, in this Decodr episode, let me show you by discussing low-band 5G, mid-band/sub-6 5G, and high-band/mmWave 5G. Thanks to Qualcomm for sponsoring this video. Check out the data from the study Ookla did here for more info: What is 5G? (Deep Dive on how it works): SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER: Thanks for watching!

What is Thunderbolt 4? (& Why It’s The Best Connection Available)

So what is Thunderbolt 4? What is the difference between Thunderbolt 4 and USB4? And what are the benefits of each? Well, in this Decodr episode, let’s dive into what Thunderbolt 4 is and how it actually solves a lot of issues with connection speeds and general confusion (along with USB4). Thanks again to Intel H Series Processors for sponsoring the video, check them out & what they can do here: Thanks for watching!

Quantum Computers Explained in the Easiest Way Possible

Everything I’ve seen trying to answer what quantum computers are or how quantum computers work seems to always give me abstract answers and just leaves me with more questions. So in this Decodr episode, I bugged the hell out of some quantum scientists and think I can give you a better understanding of what quantum computing is, how it works, and what it will help us with (and what it won’t). Thanks to NTT Research for sponsoring this video (& letting me bother their scientists). Check out what they’re doing in the world of quantum here –

The Real Reason Qualcomm Launched a Phone

You might have heard about the Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders. This unique device was launched recently and co-developed by Qualcomm and Asus. The question is: why does this phone exist? Well, in this Decodr episode, my explainer series on the channel, let’s dive into why it might make sense for the chipmaker to launch a branded device like this. Check it out. This video was sponsored by Qualcomm but I hope you enjoyed it! Head here for more info on the Snapdragon Insiders Community!

What is LTPO? (& How This Amazing Tech Makes Your Phone’s Display Better)

A few devices have now launched with LTPO displays but if you’re wondering what LTPO is then you’re not alone. I went and researched it with the help of OnePlus (as they have it on their latest OnePlus 9 Pro) to figure out how it enables 120hz displays while keeping your battery from dying instantly. Come check it out and let me know what you think! #sponsored but hope you enjoy it regardless 🙂 LINK(S) MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO: (If you buy something from a link, I may earn a commission but you will not be charged any extra) Check …

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What Is Intel Xe (& Is It Their Answer to the Apple M1?)

I recently used an Intel Xe laptop and was very surprised that it could playback my video footage so I ended up researching how that was possible. I contacted Intel and they helped me make this video on what Intel Xe is as well as Intel Evo and how it might actually help them compete eventually with the M1 Apple Macbooks. Check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks for watching!

What is ARM? (& Why Is It In Everything Now)

Apple with their new ARM M1 chipsets, Microsoft already using ARM processors with Windows, the entire mobile phone industry running on ARM chips, you might be wondering, “What is ARM?” and why are we seeing it more lately. Well, in this Decodr episode, we’ll talk about what ARM actually is, the difference between ARM and x86, and why more companies are making ARM chipsets lately. Thanks for watching!

What is Machine Learning? (& How Your Phone Uses It Every Single Day)

Every major phone manufacturer has touted machine learning and AI in their new devices and told us how amazing it is, but what is machine learning? What is AI? And what is it doing in our phones exactly anyway? In this Decodr episode, let’s go through what machine learning actually is, how it works, and how your phone actually uses it every day. Thanks for watching!

Why 8K is NOT Pointless

There is no shortage of people out there talking about how dumb 8K is. And, honestly, having seen 8K TVs next to 4K ones many, many times, I can tell you there is a difference. Frankly, they’re using measurements and charts that don’t show the entire picture and after going down a very deep rabbit hole of scientific studies I think I can explain what’s missing and why 8K is not pointless. So in this episode of Decodr, my explainer series here on the channel, let’s talk about that. Firstly, I partnered with MediaTek to do this video as they …

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