In this technological world, we demand good, free WiFi, anytime/anywhere — the problem is we can’t always have it. Damn. Whatever shall you do when you want to re-watch that newest Tay Tay vid, even when you’re in Central Park away from WiFi and running low on data?

Here’s what you do: get an app that allows you to download YouTube videos, iPhone-users. Watch your favorite music video or cat snippet on a whim, anytime/anywhere. So, until the entire world is outfitted with a perfect WiFi connection (which will happen in our lifetime, I can smell it), you’ll have to suffer through this forsaken wasteland by downloading Taylor Swift music videos in advance.

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Want to know how to how to download YouTube videos to your iPhone? Read on.

While there are many “YouTube downloader for iPhone” apps, the only one you really need to spend any time on is the “Video Download Browser.” Fair warning: there are a lot of really annoying ads, but if you want a good, free app that is supported by the Apple Store, this is still the one for you. Plus, you’re being legal. Trust me, that’s good.

I. Download Video Download Browser App

Download the Video Download Browser from the App Store.

II. Choose Your Awesome Video


Launch the app. From the browser, search for whichever video you want to save to your phone. I like to search through Google, but there are a few other search options. You can also do this through the YouTube app by copying the link to the video and pasting it into the “Video Download Browser” app.

III. Start the Video


Yesssssssss. Sing along. Dance a little. You know, whatever you do when you have a music video on and no one’s looking.

IV. Save the Video to Your Phone


When prompted, select “Save to Memory.” You’ll see a red download notification when downloading has begun. If that notification doesn’t appear, click “Download” from the options below the video while the video is playing.

V. Watch the Video Entirely

(Didn’t you want to, anyway?)

After the video has finished, tap the Video icon at the bottom of the screen to see your saved clips.



VI. Save the Video to the Camera Roll

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Select which video you want to save to your phone by clicking the circle “i” icon.


Then click “Save to Camera Roll.”

VIII: Watch in Awe

Go to your Camera Roll and play away, any time of day, to listen to Tay, hooray.

Awesome job. You now have an iPhone YouTube downloader. And if for some strange reason it stops working, try the Private Browser & Video Downloader  which is essentially a copy of the other app — to save YouTube videos to an iPhone.

It should be noted that YouTube released its own offline option, which is pretty much the same idea — you download videos that can be watched at a later time. The service is free for 30 days, and then you have to be a Music Key subscriber to continue, which is $9.99 a month. It’s ad-free, so it may seem super worth it to some of you.

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Well, there you have it. Videos galore at your fingertips.

Have any other YouTube downloader iPhone tricks? How do you download YouTube videos to your iPhone? Let us know below in the comments!

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  • Andrew

    there’s an easier way to download any YT videos to iPhone called Softorino YouTube Converter
    it’s kinda trending now

  • reachyourlifegoals

    My favorite way is just to add “dlv” in front of youtube in the url and from there select audio. But yeah downloading anything on ios is always tricky because the apps that enable it get deleted.