Best Investment Apps You Should Try Right Now

Over the last year or two, I’ve been trying to save more money as a personal goal, but it wasn’t until I decided to use some investment apps, that it actually started to work. Public First up is Public. Full disclosure, unlike the other apps on this list, Public reached out to me and asked me to take a look at their app. This slick, minimalistic looking app’s main function is that it can be used to make no-fee trades on the stock market. You can buy and sell stocks on any of the public exchanges without paying any sort …

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Best Insoles

The Best Insoles Come from an App?

Dr. Scholl’s recently reached out and asked me to check out their new custom insoles and their new app (more on how those two things are related shortly). Since I live in NYC and walk a ton, I’m always on the lookout for the best insoles actually, so I said, “Sure.” Now, being the nerd that I am, I wanted to actually test the insoles and see how good they are, the ease of the ordering process, value for money, etc. So, really fast, we need to first come up with some criteria for what makes insoles the best insoles. …

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Android Automation

How to Automate Android with the Automate App (Video)

In a past tips and tricks Tuesday, I showed iOS users how to automate tasks on their iPhones and a bunch of you asked if there was some way to automate Android in a similar fashion. So I looked into it and it turns out, there are a bunch of Android automation apps in the Play Store. One of the most popular is called Tasker, which you might be familiar with, and it’s great, but I found another one I think might be better for people just starting out with Android automation. How to Use the Automate App for Android …

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Cancel Subscriptions

How to Cancel App Subscriptions on the iPhone

While working with a friend of mine working at a coffee shop (you don’t work next to your other friends that work remotely?), she popped her head up from her laptop and randomly asked, “How do I stop an app from charging me even though I deleted it a long time ago?” (your friends don’t randomly ask you tech questions?) Truth is, this is a more common question than it rightfully should be–Apple doesn’t make it easy or apparent on how to cancel app subscription. So, really quick, as one of my tips and tricks for the week, here’s how …

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Via Car Service Launches Unlimited Rides in NYC, DC, & Chicago

A friend of mine recently turned me on to a newer car service (been out for a while apparently but just expanded their service area here in NYC) called Via. The idea behind Via is that they essentially work like UberPool: you order a car, share it with other riders, and it picks you up and drops you off within a few blocks of your origin/destination to optimize routes. But, the reason I’m writing about it now is that it just launched something I think is a huge differentiator: unlimited rides. The service itself is already pretty cheap. The reason …

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Giphy on S8

How to Share Gifs to Instagram

The internet is obsessed with gifs. Cat gifs, gifs from TV shows, movies, celebrities making odd faces and more that people now use to post as small animations on the web to further get across the more specific emotion they are feeling (nothing says good job like that Drake gif of him clapping. That’s just correct). And while everyone shares these on a variety of social networks, there’s one that won’t accept them: Instagram. Instead if you try to upload a gif to Instagram, you simply get the first frame/image of the gif and, let’s be real Drake just sitting …

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Square Cash in Hand

How to Use Square Cash to Send/Receive Money (& Why I Like It Over Venmo)

I was invited to try Square Cash, the free money transfer app from the creators of the popular payment processing system you have most likely seen. Remember that time you bought that super awesome piece of jewelry from that street vendor and they whipped out their iPhone with a small device sticking out of the headphone jack to swipe your credit card? Chances are, that was Square. Square was one of the first mobile payment solutions for small businesses. Garnering praise from their customers for their slick and intuitive design, securing partnerships with Apple and Visa, and essentially filling a …

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Instagram Slideshow Update

Instagram Added A New Slideshow Feature, Here’s Why

You might have noticed a new option in your Instagram uploading options recently. There’s a new button that says “Select Multiple”. Essentially, this now allows you to add up to 10 photos or videos in one post. They’ll all share one caption, set of comments, but users can swipe through them and see the other photos. A few friends of mine noticed the change and while there was some initial interest in the new feature they all (including some people who make a living off of Instagram) eventually started to wonder why anyone would want to use such a feature. …

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How to Watch the Super Bowl Online (Video)

More and more of us don’t have cable. The internet has so much more content for much less money. The only time that this really becomes an issue for most people is when live events, mainly sports, are on and you can’t find them on the web. Today marks the day of the most watched US television event, the Super Bowl. So, naturally, I’m sure there’s more than a view people out there looking to find ways to watch it without the need for a cable subscription. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to actually do this and, believe or …

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Best Browsers

6 Best Browsers for Android To Make Your Web Browsing Better

We spend a lot of time surfing the web. From doing research on products, to asking questions to things we just need to know the answers to immediately, to reading the news and whatever else we want to find. Essentially though, the web is just a bunch of code and what makes it look the way we are used to seeing it is the internet browser we are using. That means that depending on the browser we can have a very different experience. Thankfully for the way Android works we don’t need to use whatever browser that came on our …

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Best Travel Apps

6 Best Travel Apps for iPhone

Smartphones have changed the way we do almost everything. We start and end each day with them propped-up on our stomachs while we lie in bed, and they are never that far from our hands for the remainder of the day. One of the most direct benefits of having a smartphone is the availability of information on a moment’s notice (whether personal information or new information you may need), and that is critical in one context: When you’re on the move! Given that, let’s take a look at the six best travel apps for iOS and the iPhone right now. …

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The Ride

The Lightest Electric Skateboard You Can Buy (Video)

We’ve probably all seen some form of an electric skateboard on YouTube or maybe even going down the road in your city. Generally though, you’ll see a long-board version and, well, they’re not the most portable of vehicles. While the long-board electric skateboards have their perks, what if you just want something you can easily pick up, throw under your arm and just carry around with you? Well, you might want to take a look at the Acton Blink Lite. To learn more about the Blink Lite board, head here. The Ride Not only is this the lightest electric skateboard currently …

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News Apps

6 Best News Apps for iPhone You Should Try Now

According to 2015 Pew research, 68 percent of Americans use their phones to follow breaking news, and that trend’s growing. We live in a smartphone-dependent society, and that handheld device has completely transformed how the people consume content and follow the news. With the ever-increasing reliance on these devices, there has been an explosion in digital media companies that cover a wide variety of news, which, in turn, has led to a widely fragmented media landscape with an overabundance of choices. You can aggregate news on your iPhone in many different ways. This article discusses six of the best news …

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Best Camera Apps

6 Best Camera Apps for Android You Need to Try

Whether you’re snapping candid photos of the kids or capturing panoramas from your trip of a lifetime, having a good camera at hand will ensure you get the best results. For many of us, that camera exists on our mobile phones. Convenient and easy to use, the camera on your phone lets you take decent photos thanks to the latest advances in smartphone technology. What you might not know is that you don’t have to limit yourself to the default camera software that comes on your Android phone. There are a number of alternative camera apps that give you a …

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Best Cameras

6 Best Camera Apps For iPhone (Video)

Ever see those shot on iPhone billboards? You know, the ones that are showing some beautiful scene from around the world that looks remarkably beautiful for being shot on a phone? There are a few ways that photographers get these photos to look so good, and it’s more a testament to the phone’s software than just the camera lens. iPhone photographers use a ton of editing apps (ones on their phone even) and also most even use different camera apps on their iPhone to get more control over the shot than the standard camera app provides. After scouring the web for …

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