The Lightest Electric Skateboard You Can Buy (Video)

We’ve probably all seen some form of an electric skateboard on YouTube or maybe even going down the road in your city. Generally though, you’ll see a long-board version and, well, they’re not the most portable of vehicles.

While the long-board electric skateboards have their perks, what if you just want something you can easily pick up, throw under your arm and just carry around with you? Well, you might want to take a look at the Acton Blink Lite.

To learn more about the Blink Lite board, head here.

The Ride

The Ride

Not only is this the lightest electric skateboard currently on the market (according to Acton that is), it’s no slouch either. The Blink Lite will do about 10 mph, which on a short board, is frankly the fastest you’ll probably want to go.

The board has a range of 5 miles and can fully recharge in about 2 hours so using it to commute around town is definitely doable and using it for that last mile from the subway stop to your apartment –even more doable.

Controlling the Blink Lite Board

The skateboard is controlled by its included remote that basically has forward and brake using the slider on the side and can also be put into a reverse gear by selecting that on the toggle.

In addition to the remote, it also has an app that you need to download to set it up but can also be used to change the mode from Beginner, to Normal, and to Pro (which adjusts the acceleration and top speed to help you get the hang of it before going full throttle). The app also has the added features of recording your rides, check your battery life, and find other Blink board users should you want to.

Some Issues

Bumpy Ride

The downsides to this kind of board are the fact that since it’s a short-board it doesn’t feel like the most stable of things on the road and I probably don’t recommend driving it through busy New York City streets unless you’re pretty comfortable on a skateboard already. Also, being a short-board means it has smaller wheels and that means on a rough terrain, it’s going to vibrate the crap out of your feet after about 2 miles.

With that said though, sticking to shorter commutes like it was probably meant for and staying on better paved sidewalks and roads is totally fine. And you know what else is fine? The price.

The Price

The Price

A Boosted electric long-board, made popular by famous YouTubers like Casey Neistat, are super fast, comfortable and… expensive. The latest Boosted board can set you back up between $1000 and $1600 depending on the configuration. The Blink Lite, on the other hand, is $399. And actually, I even found it brand new on the web in some places for as low as $250.

At that price, it is definitely a more accessible option for someone just looking to shorten the time to get around during short commutes, have a bit more fun during those commutes, and maybe arrive less sweaty compared to riding a bike. Just stay on smoother roads and, you know, try not to die.

To learn more about the Blink Lite board, head here. Let me know what you guys think of this little board, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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