How to Cancel App Subscriptions on the iPhone

While working with a friend of mine working at a coffee shop (you don’t work next to your other friends that work remotely?), she popped her head up from her laptop and randomly asked,

“How do I stop an app from charging me even though I deleted it a long time ago?” (your friends don’t randomly ask you tech questions?)

Truth is, this is a more common question than it rightfully should be–Apple doesn’t make it easy or apparent on how to cancel app subscription. So, really quick, as one of my tips and tricks for the week, here’s how to cancel those app subscriptions (and finally stop the app from charging your card every month).

First up, open Settings on the iPhone.


Tap on your name at the top.

Tap on your Name

Tap on iTunes & App Store.

iTunes and App Store

Tap on your Apple ID.

Tap Apple ID

Tap View Apple ID.

Tap View Apple ID

Tap on Subscriptions.

Tap Subscriptions

Tap on the app subscription you want to cancel (also discover how many more you have that you totally forgot about in the process).

Tap on the Subscription

Tap Cancel Subscription and confirm that it says it is canceled.


It’ll then be canceled and you’ll not be charged during the next billing cycle (and lose access to the app, of course). Let me know if this helped you out and don’t forget to follow me on social for more tech tips and tricks, videos, and more. Thanks for reading.

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