How to Enable a Back Button for iOS 8 (JB Tweak) (Video)

If you’re coming from an Android device, the one thing that you’ll miss the most on an iPhone is the back button. There’s no way to go the previous app using a back button like you had one on your Android device.

In order to go to the previous app, you’re required to double-press the Home button on your iPhone and then select the app you wish to continue working with. If you don’t like this way of iOS to switch between apps, you can use a Cydia tweak that lets you add a back button to your iPhone instead.

Install LastApp to Enable a Back Button

As long as you’re running iOS 8 and are jailbroken, you can use the LastApp tweak that works pretty much the same way as the back button does on an Android device. It lets you quickly jump back to the previous app on your iPhone. Here’s how you can use it on your device:

I. Jailbreak Your iPhone

1. Your iPhone must be jailbroken before you can install the tweak. Please head to our jailbreaking section to learn how you can jailbreak your iPhone and get Cydia running on it by selecting the version of iOS you are currently running and doing the specific tutorial for that version of iOS. When you’re done, come back here and continue.

II. Install LastApp

1. Open Cydia.

2. Tap on Search in the bottom-right corner.


3. Search for and tap on LastApp.


4. Tap on Install in the top-right corner.


5. Tap on Confirm in the top-right corner.


6. Tap on Restart SpringBoard to relaunch the home screen on your iPhone.


And you’re done. LastApp was successfully installed on your iPhone, and here’s how you can go about using it on your device.

In order for LastApp to work, it automatically installs a settings-menu based app called Activator on your iPhone that lets you trigger an action when an event occurs. For instance, it can trigger a pre-defined action when, say, the Home button is pressed three times, and so on.

III. Using LastApp with Activator

1. Launch Settings.

2. Tap on Activator.


3. Tap on Anywhere on the screen that follows.


4. Tap on Triple Press under the Home Button section.


5. Tap on LastApp on the screen that follows.


6. And you’re all set.

If you wish to test the tweak, just launch two apps on your iPhone and then go into one of them and triple press the Home Button. You’ll be thrown back to the last app you were using on your device, and the tweak worked for you!

Let us know if this helped you get the Android-like back button on your iPhone!

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