Apple held their annual developer’s conference today and with it, an insane amount of new products and announcements. Instead of having to watch the over 2 hour keynote yourself, here’s a quick look at the things Apple announced in a bulleted, no frills so you can get back to your day (but just will all the Apple knowledge) kind of way.

Apple WatchOS 4

  • Directly connect to devices via Bluetooth (think heartrate monitors, glucose meters, etc.)

High Sierra

High Sierra

  • New file format: Apple File System (replaces HFS as default file system format): Native encryption, instant copying of files and folders, crash protection and more.
  • H.265/ HVEC video format (better for 4K
  • Metal 2 and Metal for VR (VR Support now)
  • Final Cut Pro getting spherical video enhancements.
  • External GPU support
  • Developer version available now, full version in Late June (for free).


  • Intelligent tracking prevention to stop sites from tracking you across the web (ad tech companies all just started to panic slightly)
  • Will block auto-play videos on sites. “Safari detects the sites that shouldn’t play video.”
  • General performance improvements.


  • 35% less device storage used


  • Edit using curves (something I prefer coming from the video editing world).
  • Better filtering in a persistent sidebar.
  • Faces has been improved and sync across devices now.
  • Selective color editing built in (change the color of an item in the photo automatically).
  • Allows third-party printed photo book makers to integrate with it.



  • New displays: 500 nits, 10 bit, 43% brighter, 1 billion colors.
  • 7th Gen i7 Kaby Lake processors
  • 10 Bit HEVC decode
  • Up to 32GBs of RAM on the 21.5″ Mac and 64GBs on the 27″ model.
  • Fusion Drives on the 27″ model, SSDs 50% faster and available as large as 2TBs
  • 2 USB Thunderbolt ports
  • GPUs: Iris Plus 640 base up to Radeon Pro 570, 575, and 580 options on 27″
  • Pricing for the 21.5″ starts at $1,099, 4K model is $1299, and 27″ starts at $1,799



  • Updated versions of all of the Macbooks including the Air with “faster processors” (7th gen Kaby Lakes in most of them)

iMac Pro

  • 8 core xeon processor standard, 10 core option, and 18-core option
  • 27″ 5K display
  • Radeon Vega GPU with up to 16GBs of VRAM
  • 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • 10GB Ethernet
  • Up to 4TB SSD
  • 1080P Facetime Camera
  • SD Card slot
  • Starting price $4,999
  • Available in December

iOS 11


  • iMessage has a new app drawer in it.
  • “Better syncing” of messages across devices.
  • Better device storage for messages
  • Autocorrect now uses machine learning to help you insert words based on what you’ve been reading (i.e. Reykjavik is suggested if you were searching for Iceland).
  • Stores messages in iCloud now and only the most recent on device

Apple Pay

  • Apple Pay supports person to person (think Venmo from Apple)
  • Automatically turn $ amounts when someone says you owe them in iMessage into payment links to send that amount to them.


  • Siri’s voice has been upgraded using machine learning (to sound more natural)
  • Siri can translate now.
  • Tap to ask a follow up question
  • Voice translation for the following languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • SiriKit for more Siri integration with other apps
  • “Siri Intelligence” new AI learning to try and predict things you might need based on activity, location, etc.

Camera & Photos

  • Improved HEVC image format
  • Improved image quality for the camera app
  • Memories feature using machine learning to identify Weddings, Sporting Events, etc.
  • Live Photo looping added (Boomerrangs?)
  • New Long Exposure effect

Control Center

  • Redesigned, now a page of widgets
  • 3D Touch for more options

Apple Maps

  • Internal shopping mall maps for select cities
  • Internal airport maps in select cities
  • Speed limits and lane guidance when navigating
  • Automatic do not disturb while driving feature will stop notifications while driving (you can turn if off)


  • AirPlay 2 support
  • Multi-room audio in iOS
  • Apple TV an endpoint now so you can control it via Homekit

Apple Music

  • New social features: See what your friends are listening to.
  • MusicKit allows third-parties to access Apple Music.

App Store

  • New app store redesign
  • Faster app approval process (most under 24 hours)
  • New Today tab of cards you scroll through
  • Games has its own section
  • In-app purchases available in the app card in the app store now
  • App of the Day and Game of the Day featured everyday in the App Store
  • Metal 2 Support coming to iOS 11

Machine Learning & AR

  • New ML Kit to help with machine learning developers in apps (will be on iOS, MacOS, tvOS, and WatchOS).
  • New ARKit to help developers create augmented reality apps

iPad Pro

  • 10.5″ Display
  • 40% smaller bezels, 1lb weight
  • Full-size on screen keyboard thanks to new size
  • Full-size smart keyboard with backlit keys
  • 50% brighter display, HDR video capable
  • ProMotion: 120hz refresh rate (2x the old iPad refresh rate)
  • Automatically adjusts refresh rate based on what you’re looking at to save power
  • A10X Fusion chip
  • 6-core CPU, 12-core GPU (30% faster CPU, 40% better GPU)
  • 10 hour battery life
  • 12MP camera (same as iPhone 7) and 7MP front facing camera
  • 64GB storage base model
  • $649 for 10.5″ model, $799 for 12.9″ model
  • 512GB storage and LTE optional
  • New app dock (that reminds me of the Mac dock)
  • Drag and drop coming to iPads
  • New File app with support for iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Apple Pencil

  • Continuous screenshots
  • Markup anything, crop instantly, and share using standard sharing feature


  • Under 7″ tall
  • 7 speaker array of tweeters at the bottom
  • 4″ upward facing subwoofer
  • A8 processor
  • Real-time acoustic modeling, echo cancellation and audio beam-forming.
  • Automatically tunes the audio to the room it’s in
  • 6 microphones for Hey, Siri support
  • Music aware thanks to Apple Music (questions like who is the drummer for the currently playing song, etc.)
  • It also does all the normal Echo/Google Home type things as well (timers, general knowledge, etc.)
  • HomeKit integration, too (duh)
  • $349. Shipping in US, UK, AU in December
  • White and Space Gray

Hope that was useful guys! You can read more about each item on Apple’s site at the source link below. Let me know what you guys think of all of these (there were a crapton of announcements) in the comments below!

Source: Apple
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