How to Get iOS 10 Beta Right Now (without a Developer Account) (Video)

iOS 10 was announced at WWDC last week and with it came the latest iteration of iOS –iOS 10. Along with it, iOS 10 beta was also released to developers.

I’m doing a walkthrough video on the best features of iOS 10 shortly, but figured for those of you that want to try it out for yourself, I’d do a quick tutorial video on how to get iOS 10 beta right now.

Normally, you need a developer account to be able to download iOS beta versions which will cost you $99/year to use. For an actual developer looking to build apps and test them on their device that might not be too bad, but for those of us that really just want to play with beta cause we’re impatient? Not so much.

Thankfully some developers were kind enough to put their own developer profiles (the certificate that tells Apple’s servers that the phone is a developer’s phone) on the web that you can easily download to your own device to convert it to a “developer” device. Once you do that, when you check for the beta in your software updates section of the phone it’ll just show you the beta and you can install it through that. Easy, right?

Here’s the full breakdown of how to install iOS 10 beta on your iPhone without needing a developer account.

EDIT: Make sure to do a backup in iTunes before you start as some have reported it messing up their phones. If that happens to you you can do this tutorial to fix it but you’ll lose anything that wasn’t backed up so do that first. Thanks to @SwiftlyDesign for bringing it to my attention!

I. Download & Install the Developer Profile

  1. Head to this bitly link I made by typing it into your phone’s Safari browser (use Safari, not another browser) and download the profile someone kindly put up there for iOS. *I cannot host the file for legal reasons, but I linked to where someone else has uploaded it publicly). (if the files get taken down from there, then head here to the Reddit thread and see if there’s new links or Google for iOS 10 Developer Profile to try and find a replacement).
  2. Once you tap on it from Safari, it’ll immediately open the settings on the phone and you can tap Install.
  3. Input your passcode if you have one enabled then tap restart.

II. Update to iOS 10 Beta

  1. Once it reboots, head to Settings > General > Software Update and let it search for a new update.
  2. It’ll find the iOS 10 beta firmware and you can tap Download & Install to install it.
  3. The device will reboot a couple of times and you can go through the normal setup process to upgraded to iOS 10.

There you go, enjoy iOS 10 and just keep in mind that it is a beta version and things won’t all necessarily work as intended. From the same Settings > General > Software Update menu, you can also update to the newer Beta versions as they are released. Let me know if this worked for you in the comments below!

If you want to undo this, just use my how to unjailbreak tutorial (don’t worry it doesn’t matter if you aren’t jailbroken it just happens to be the same procedure for getting out of it).

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27 responses to “How to Get iOS 10 Beta Right Now (without a Developer Account) (Video)”

  1. Dylan says:

    Hey David if u get this can u down grade again after

  2. Anthony says:

    Could you get in trouble with Apple if we do the update or what will happen

  3. Milan te Ronde says:

    It doesn’t work anymore

  4. Cory says:

    Downloaded the profile and i went to software update section of the settings and it won’t let me update just says “Update Requested…”

  5. Henry says:

    “The page you are looking for cannot be found.” after i clicked the link for the dev profile

  6. corey says:

    Mine says an error occurred while trying to install iOS 10 developer beta 1

  7. Panos says:

    ”this file is no longer available….” it not works…i try to open the file and said is no longer available….

  8. Juvraj Singh sandhu says:

    I have requested for update but update is not done till yet showing update requested

  9. Juvraj Singh Sandhu says:

    Bro I want to degrade to ios 9.3.2 from beta plz tell me how I can do this

  10. Shafittey says:

    guys here is the way to get iOS 10 developer Beta 3. since iOS 10 Public Beta 1 released some peoples were trying to get iOS 10 Public beta 1. to get so they follow the mail they receive from Apple. but what u doing is ur replacing ur Developer beta profile to the Public Beta profile. at the same time u wont be able to install iOS 10 Public Beta if your already a iOS 10 Developer Beta. so if you this kind of situation please remove ur iOS Beta Software profile the open Safari and goto . Enjoy

  11. Emma says:

    How do you do this isn’t working for me

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