How to Get Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus Right Now (Video)

When Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there was a neat camera trick that the 7 Plus could do thanks to it’s dual camera setup called Portrait Mode. Essentially, this feature allows you to create a more bokeh look with a crisp in focus subject and a slightly blurred background.

Thing is, Apple didn’t actually enable it out of the box. They said they were still working on it and would release it in a new update. That update is iOS 10.1 but it isn’t available except in beta.

So, in this video, I’m going to show you really quickly how you can get the beta on to your iPhone 7 Plus and then use that to enable Portrait Mode and take some cool shots using it.

I. Register for the Public Beta

In order to get this to work, you need to be registered for the Apple Public Beta program. This will allow us to install 10.1, the version of iOS that Portrait Mode is introduced in.

  1. Head to and tap Sign In.
    Apple Beta Software
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID and accept the terms and conditions.

II. Install iOS 10.1 Beta

Once enrolled, we need to install the Developer Profile onto the phone which will tell Apple’s servers to give us access to the iOS 10.1 beta through Software Update in Settings.

  1. Head to in Safari (it needs to be in Safari or it won’t work).
    Enroll The Device
  2. Then tap the Download Profile button under the second step and it’ll open it up in settings.
    Download Profile
  3. Tap Install.
    Install Profile
  4. After that, go to Settings > Software Update and let it look for an update. This time, it’ll find iOS 10.1 Public Beta and you can tap Download and Install so long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi Network. Wait for it to install.
    Install iOS 10.1

III. Use Portrait Mode to Take Cool Photos

After it is installed, you can head to your camera and swipe on the screen until you get to Portrait Mode.

The camera will tell you if you are too close or too far for it to do its magic and so long as you are in that sweet spot you can take the photo and get that fun bokeh look. Enjoy!

Anyone try this and it work? Or having issues? Let me know.

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  1. Taylor Tunes says:

    Hi! I have followed all the steps and can’t seem to get this working on my iPhone 7 Plus. Any advice?

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