Google Debuts New Account Activity Tool: Allows Users to See Their Monthly Stats

Google has launched a new tracking tool today for its loyal users. The new Account Activity feature displays monthly statistics based on how much a person uses all of Google’s various services. The report will inform a user the number of e-mails they’ve sent, who their top contact is, their top Google searches, the number of places visited on Google Latitude, and how these statistics compare to months in the past. Essentially, the Account Activity feature gives users access to a glimpse of the data Google has had on all of us this entire time.

As users are required to opt-in for the feature and sign in with a password, Google is hoping this will improve their overall security. The feature informs users where they’ve signed in from and also enables them to change their password if someone else tries to use their account.

In true Google form, the Account Activity feature is still in its beta phase and users are encouraged to share their feedback. Google promises to add additional stats in the following months as users send in their feedback.

Does anyone think having access to these type of statistics will actually improve your Google experience, or just shock you at how much of your life is really tied in Google services? Let us know in the comments below.


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