How to Block Your Number on the iPhone

Have you ever wanted to make phone calls privately without having to *67 in pre-dial? Whether you are calling a business or a landline/cell phone, people often find that they wish that their personal numbers were kept private. Here is a quick trick on how to restrict your caller ID from appearing on the receiving end without paying extra charges through your mobile provider.

I. Before You Begin

  1. Please take note that this procedure will not involve any other aspects of your iPhone aside from blocking your mobile number.
  2. To begin, scroll through your screen selections on your device and tap the Settings icon.
  3. The first option that appears is Airplane Mode; Scroll down thru the choices to Phone. From there, select Phone by tapping.

II. Disabling Caller ID

  1. After you select Phone, there are different sections that appear within the selection > Scroll down under the section titled Calls.
  2. From there, tap Show My Caller ID

*Note that on all phones, the default setting has it programmed automatically by standard to be ON. In order to have your number blocked when making calls, it must be marked as OFF.

3. Tap the switch and set to OFF

 III. Reboot

  1. Test your phone by shutting it off and then turning it back on again.
  2. Make a phone call to a line where you are able to see the caller ID and make sure that it has worked and the caller ID has been disabled.

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