How to Change Home Screen Background Image on an iPhone

Interested in changing the defaulted home screen background image on your iPhone to something more customized but aren’t sure how? Perhaps you would like to make it a photo you have taken yourself and saved on your Camera Roll, or even a picture from the Internet?

Here are simple instructions that will help you do just that.

I. Before You Begin

1.  Please note that any of the following instructions will only have an effect on changing the background image on your Home and/or Lock Screen; nothing else.

2. Also, this How to is not limited to any specific model; this will work on any iPhone.

II. Settings

  1. Scroll through the icons on your iPhone until you come across the Settings icon.
  2. From there, a list of all of your setting options should appear. Tap the Wallpaper selection.
  3. Once that is completed, an image of both your Lock Screen and Standard Background Screen should appear next to each other in one grouping > Tap the images.
  4. Next, two selections should appear; Wallpaper and Camera Roll.

*Note: If you select Wallpaper, a thumbnail selection of default wallpaper options will be displayed for you to choose from.
If you select Camera Roll, a thumbnail selection of images you have either taken yourself of saved from the Internet will be available.

5.   Once you have decided on the image you wish to make your background, tap the thumbnail selection.

III. Set Image

  1. Once you have selected your image, you have the option to Move and Scale it to your liking. After the image appears to be displayed accordingly, tap Set.
  2. Four options should appear once you have tapped SetSet Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, Set Both, or Cancel.
  3. From there, you can make your selection for any of those preferences, and after that is completed, your display screen should read “Image Saved” with a check mark underneath.
  4. Next, press the circular Home button located at the bottom of your screen to verify your background image has been changed.

This is part of our iPhone and iOS Basics/Tips and Tricks series. Great for anyone new to the iPhone or iOS, or anyone just looking to learn a few tips and tricks! For all our iPhone and iOS Basics, head here.

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