How to Change the Cyanogenmod Theme on the OnePlus One

The One Plus One ‘s native install of CyanogenMod is one of it’s biggest advantages and benefits .  CyanogenMod’s philosophy of increased customization has lead them to create a theme gallery where you can purchase themes that change the way your Android phone looks system wide.

1. Pull down the notification shade and tap the box icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

CyanogenMod System Tray

2. Tap on Settings.

CyanogenMod Settings

3. Tap Themes.

CyanogenMod Settings

4. Tap Theme Packs.


5. You’ll see all the themes you have installed.  By default CyanogenMod has two themes.  Tap Get More.



6. You can now scroll through the different themes available for purchase.  I found Crimson listed for free.  Tap on the Theme you want.


7. Tap Purchase.


8. You should have been taken to the Google Play Store which actually handles the transaction of purchasing a theme.  If it’s a free theme all you have to do is tap Install.


9. Tap Accept.


10. The theme will be downloaded then installed automatically.  The green button will now read Uninstall.  Hit the Android Back button.


11. Tap View in Theme Chooser.


12.  Select Any of the theme-able items  you want to set.  In this case Style and Wallpapers are the only two options available.


13. Tap on Apply.


You can how exit out of Theme Showcase and go home.  You should notice the theme of your phone is now Crimson.


You can now download and purchase any CyanogenMod theme you like.  Comment below and let us know what themes you like best and what you like about them.

For more tips and tricks, head to our OnePlus One how to’s section.

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