How to Enable Silent Mode on an iPhone

Technology within any new cell phone can be difficult to understand initially, but especially when you are upgrading to a Smartphone. The tasks that you used to think were so simple on your old device can sometimes be difficult to figure out on your new one. An example of this could be doing something as simple as enabling silent mode on an iPhone.

The following instructions will enable you to do just that with a few quick and easy steps.

I. Before You Begin

1.  Please note that this How to is not limited to any specific model; this will work on any iPhone.

II. Flip the Switch

When you are looking at your iPhone, on the upper left side, there is a silver switch that you are able to slide either up or down. If you have the switch flipped upward, this signifies that you have the volume set to ON within your device.

To switch your setting to Silent, flip the switch down

From there, all of the sound settings on your iPhone will be turned OFF.

III. Vibrate

Although you may have disabled sounds from your iPhone, your phone may or may not be set to Vibrate – whether it is on Silent or not.

To choose your preference:

1. Tap the Settings icon.

2. Under Silent, which should appear first, there is a selection titled Vibrate with an ON/OFF switch.

3. Tap ON/OFF to choose which setting you would prefer active on your iPhone.

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