How to Get Free WiFi Tethering on Your iPhone (Video)

If you’re paying extra for tethering on your iPhone – and don’t mind jailbreaking your phone – there’s a better way. You can actually get free WiFi tethering on your iPhone by installing a clever inexpensive jailbreak tweak from the Cydia store and never have to pay those ridiculous monthly tethering fees again.

Here in the States we do have the luxury of huge amounts of data we can purchase for our phones, unlike overseas where they’re limited to much small numbers GB (and if they’re even lucky to see GB listed in a lot of places –they still are MB plans. Ouch.). But, what they have over us here State-side, is that included with their smaller limit plans for data is the ability to tether it and share that data with a laptop.

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And it makes sense. If I have a 2GB plan for my phone, why would the carrier care if I used that data on my phone or on my laptop? If I use it faster on my laptop, then I’ll run out faster. Why charge me more per month to just… charge me more per month when I go over?

Regardless of their reasoning, there is a way around it for iPhone users that is relatively easy to do. If you don’t mind jailbreaking your phone, an extremely easy procedure nowadays (I remember having to use terminal to do it back in the day…), you can pay a quick $4.99 one time to never have to pay that tethering fee again. Here’s how to get free tethering on your iPhone.

Jailbreak Your iPhone

In order to get free WiFi tethering on the iPhone, we need to jailbreak it first. To get the latest jailbreaking tutorial, head to our Jailbreaking section and do the tutorial for your particular version of iOS.

Once you are jailbroken and have the Cydia store on your device, we can get the jailbreak tweak that’ll allow you to get tethering working.

Enable Free WiFi Tethering

Now that we’ve got Cydia installed, we need to install TetherMe by Sam Binger. It costs$4.99 to purchase, but let’s face it, for most people, that’s much less than the ridiculous charge carriers add per month.

Install TetherMe

1. Open Cydia.



2. Tap Search at the bottom right and look for TetherMe for iOS8+

Cydia Search

3. Tap on TetherMe for iOS8+.

Search for TetherMe

4. Tap Purchase and put in your purchase information and make the payment.

5. When that’s done, the Purchase button will turn into an Install button. Tap that.

Install TetherMe

6. Tap Confirm.

Confirm TetherMe

7. Tap Restart Springboard.

Restart Springboard

Use Wifi Tethering

In case you’ve never used it before – you know, because it was ridiculously expensive – here’s how to now use your new-found tethering ability.

1. Go to Settings > TetherMe.

TetherMe Settings

2. Change the password to whatever you want or leave it as the default.

Personal Hotspot

3. Turn it on.

Personal Hotspot On

4. From your computer, search for the Wifi network listed in the hotspot settings (usually your name you set for the phone when you set it up, i.e. “David Cogen’s iPhone”).

Connect to the Hotspot

5. Put in the password that was listed on the hotspot settings page and click connect.

Personal Hotspot Connected

Surf away! But, just keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you have unlimited data –and you’ll use the data from your phone’s plan faster from a laptop than from the phone so be careful not to go over.

So with just a little jailbreaking magic, we can now right a wrong caused by the carriers. Doesn’t it feel good doing good? Let me know if this worked for you in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “How to Get Free WiFi Tethering on Your iPhone (Video)”

  1. Ok I finally found the post ok so my question is what if my phone dies restarts or I decide I don’t want Cydia any more an I delete it will this effect tetherme that I purchased ? I did a jail break only for this app the jail break was via YouTube from my iPhone with no computer needed said it would last 1year now again I have no further use for Cydia, thnks look forward to ur reply

    1. If you delete Cydia, with the new Pangu method, you’ll lose the jailbreak as soon as the phone reboots or dies. So you need to keep Cydia and Pangu so you can rejailbreak each time the phone reboots.

      1. Ohh ok thnks guess I’ll have to install the jail break ur way the way I went has Japanese letters it’s a square with a fold over in the top left corner the bigger portion has a blue p an the top left corner has like a apple emblem with sum jap letters but it also downloaded another app with a white background an a light blue p

        1. You can leave that version if you want. It’s just in Chinese vs English. But so long as it works for you after a reboot to rejailbreak etc no reason to change it. Up to you!

          1. Ok I’m haven a issue I was using the tetherme last night so I can use my iPad it was around 130am an I was Goin to turn it on to update my iPad an when I looked on my iPhone setting the tether me was gone I removed it am reinstalled it but it’s still not there my iOS 9.3.2 I haven updated to the newest version my phone didn’t die or turn off any idea what’s Goin on

          2. That would be something you need to contact the developer of that tweak about. If you had an issue with an app you installed, you’d contact the developer of that app. Same applies here for tweaks 🙂 Good luck!

          3. Ok I jus reinstalled Cydia via ur way it’s working now I’m Goin to contact him an see what the issue was thnks for ur help

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