How to Get iOS 12 Beta Right Now for Free

Apple announced the latest version of iOS, iOS 12, at their developer conference called WWDC recently. This new iOS version has a bunch of new features including better performance, the infamous Memoji, and more.

Thing is only developers can download the beta at the moment and if you aren’t one, you probably don’t want to pay the $99/year fee to become one. Thanks to some other developers out there though that are willing to let us use their developer profiles, you don’t need to.

You can simply find one of these developer profiles on the web (I have one for you below but if it goes down just Google for iOS 12 developer profile and you’ll find others), install it, then the phone will let you update to iOS 12 beta directly from Apple in the Software Update section. For a quick step by step, here’s exactly how to get iOS 12 beta right now on your iOS device for free.

  1. Using Safari on your iOS device you want to install iOS 12 on, head to this link here to download the developer profile.Download Developer Profile
  2. Download it and tell it to Allow when prompted so it can open the profile directly in Settings.Open Profile
  3. In settings, tell it to Install it and tap reboot when prompted.Install iOS 12 Beta
  4. When it reboots, head to Settings > General > Software Update and you should see (might take a bit so be patient) an update for iOS 12 beta. Tap Download & Install.Install iOS 12 Beta
  5. Once it’s done it’ll reboot and you’re now on iOS 12.iOS 12 Memoji

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions or need help in the comments below.

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