How to Hide Media Files on your Android Smartphone

Compromising selfies popping up on Gallery when you hand your cell phone over to a friend to look at?  Don’t like people knowing you have porn on your device? Want to hide the videos and photos that you received on Whatsapp?  If you answered all these questions with a Yes, then you are in luck.  We have a solution for you to hide these files in the simplest of ways and these should never appear in your Gallery or any photo/video viewing apps without using a third-party app to do so.

I.  Necessary Downloads

ES File Explorer

II.  Hiding Media Files using ES File Explorer

1.  Once you have installed ES File Explorer, navigate to the folder you have files that you want to hide.


2.  Tap on New.

3.  Now, tap on File.


4.  Type in .nomedia for the file name.


5.  Click on OK.

And you’re done.  Go ahead and check your Gallery to see if those media files are visible and repeat the same for every folder with the media files you want to hide.  You can always use an explorer app and open up these files if you want to again.

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