How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 (Complete Guide)(Video)

So it’s finally happened. Pangu, the trusted jailbreak developer team, has a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3.

Now, it isn’t without a few caveats, the biggest draw back of which is that it is a tethered jailbreak. Meaning that if you restart your phone you’ll lose the jailbreak (big bummer). Hopefully there will be an untethered version in the future (and if so, this tutorial will still most likely pertain to that as well), but for those who are impatient, here’s how to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 right now.

Update 07/25/16: An even easier method has been released that, get this, doesn’t even require a computer. I’ve updated the below tutorial to reflect the new, much faster method of jailbreaking your iPhone. Check out the new video below as well.

Update 07/29/16: Welp. Apple killed the Safari exploit that was the easier method. Fortunately, the PC method still works just fine so just follow that video below now instead. So below I now have the original PC method (that still works), the old-new Safari method that doesn’t work anymore, and the new method that works on Mac and PC.

Update 07/29/16 Part 2: Pangu just released a version of their jailbreak that works on Mac (essentially it’s the manual process that their PC program does for you automatically, but seems it’s what they’re giving Mac users as a solution. The big downside to this method is that the jailbreak will expire every 7 days and you’ll need to redo the method to get it working again.

Update 08/01/16: There is now a new no computer method that uses a developer certificate again like the original Safari method. Downside here is that the phone constantly checks with servers in China and other countries to see if there is a new certificate. If Apple blocks this certificate, it will then download a new one. That’s great (and quite clever actually), unless you are weary of the phone doing that constantly.

Update 08/02/16: So I figured out another method to use to jailbreak your iOS 9.3.3 device and, even though there is a decent method out, figured I’d share it for anyone who is weary of the other jailbreaks. It’s the Zeusmos method below and it’s big downside is it costs some money, watch the video for all the pros and cons to it and if you don’t want to use it, you can always use the latest Safari method below it for a free method.

Jailbreak the iPhone Using Zeusmos

If you are weary of giving Pangu your info or giving out an Apple ID, I may have found a solution. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it without using some paid services.

So this method will allow you to:

  • Keep your jailbreak for a year (at that point you’ll have to renew, but that’s a long time from now and way longer than 7 day methods, let’s be honest).
  • Allow you to use iOS developer betas in the future.
  • Will not require your phone to ping servers all over the world.
  • Has a much lower chance of the developer certificate being revoked.

Downside is that it costs some money. I did at least manage to get a discount from the service providers for you guys, but that’s the best I could do. If you don’t want to pay anything for this, then you can always use one of the other jailbreak methods below.
With that said, here’s how to jailbreak using the method I got to work.

I. Before You Begin

  1. Perform a backup in iTunes.
  2. This costs money as mentioned before. There are two services that I had to buy in order for this to work, they weren’t expensive, but again, be aware they cost money.

II. Register Your UDID as a Developer

So first we need to register for a developer UDID. Essentially, this adds your phone to a company’s large developer account and allows you to use their developer certificate to sign apps (in this case we sign Pangu so that we can install it, in the other jailbreak methods you use a personal account to do that and that only lasts 7 days vs a developer account which lasts a year).

  1. Plug your phone into iTunes and open the phone management in iTunes.
  2. Click on your phone number in the phone information panel until it says UDID. When it does, right-click it and copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Register for a developer UDID by heading to the below site, you can also put in the coupon code THEUNLOCKR to get a 5% discount. You need to select either the Bronze Plus or the Gold (you need Zeusmos compatibility!). You can get the Bronze Plus to save money or get Gold if you want to have the ability to change phones over the course of the year (otherwise, if you get a new phone, you have to buy a new one entirely).
  4. After you do that and go through the checkout, you’ll get an email saying it was complete.

III. Register for Zeusmos

Next we need to register for a program called Zeusmos. This app allows you to install IPA files (like the Pangu app in this case) with your developer account and without the need to install them from a computer (it is actually an interesting program if you check it out).

  1. Head to Zeusmos using the link below and get the lowest plan ($4.99).
  2. Once you purchase that, you’ll get a registration email letting you know you are all set. Make sure to keep track of your username and password as we’ll use that shortly.
  3. Reboot your phone at this point.

IV. Install Pangu

With all that setup, we can now download Pangu and get to the jailbreaking!

  1. In Safari on your phone, head to the below link to install Zeusmos.
  2. Tap install when asked.
  3. Tap install again.
  4. Tap trust.
  5. Tap trust again.
  6. Press the home button and open the new Zeusmos app.
  7. Head to the Settings tab and put in your username and password you setup when you registered on the Zeusmos site, tap save credentials and hit Submit. It’ll restart and finish setting things up.
  8. Now tap on Search, search for Pangu, then tap Pangu 9.2-9.3 and tap Get.
  9. Tap Install.
  10. When it gets it, tap it and tap install.
  11. Now tap the home button and tap the new Pangu app.
  12. Tap the big blue circle.
  13. Lock the device by pushing the power button.
  14. Wait for it to reboot and ignore any notifications that come up (it can take a bit so be patient).
  15. Once it reboots, you’ll see Cydia. Tap that and it should open and work.

That’s it. Enjoy the jailbreak without having to redo it every 7 days 🙂

Keep in mind that even though this method removes the 7 day limitation, it is still a semi-tethered jailbreak. So that means if you reboot the phone or it dies, you’ll have to rerun the Pangu app. Thankfully that’s all you have to do and you don’t need to resuse Cydia Impactor like in the Mac method below.

Let me know how it worked for you or if you had issues in the comments and, again, if you don’t want to use the paid method, you can easily use the free ones below instead. Enjoy!

Jailbreak the iPhone Using Safari (Updated: 08/01/16)

Apple killed the original Safari jailbreak method, but Pangu came out with a new one, here’s how to use it to jailbreak your iPhone on 9.3.3.

I. Before You Begin

  1. Make sure to backup your device to iTunes/iCloud before getting started.
  2. Again, this is semi-tethered for now so rebooting your phone will kill the jailbreak and you’ll need to reuse the app on the phone to rejailbreak.

II. Copy the Jailbreaking Website URL

So there are multiple sites that you can use to do this with all of them being the same concept just mirrors of each other to handle the large flood of traffic of users heading to them. Try one and if it isn’t working, try the next and so on.

Head to the Safari Link

  1. Type this URL into Safari on your phone and hit enter to go to them.

II. Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3

  1. With that page loaded on your phone, tap the install button then install again.
    Tap Install
  2. Hit the home button quickly and find the app as it is downloading. You need to quickly pull up your Control Center and enable Airplane mode the second you see it change to “Installing”. This stops the developer certificate from being checked and allows us to continue. If you don’t get it the first time, try again until you get it.
    Airplane Mode
  3. You should now see the Pangu app on your home screen. Tap on Settings > General > Device Management and tap on the developer profile that was added (yours may vary depending on which site you downloaded from but you can check by clicking the Pangu app first and it’ll say the name of the developer you need to allow).
    Device Management
  4. Tap Trust.
    Tap Trust
  5. Tap Trust again.
    Tap Trust Again
  6. Hit the home button and then tap on the Pangu app.
    Open the Pangu App
  7. Tap Allow Notifications.
    Allow Notifications
  8. Tap the blue circle.
    Tap the Blue Circle
  9. Lock the screen and wait. If any notifications pop up, just ignore them and keep waiting until it completely reboots.
    Wait for the iPhone to Reboot
  10. Once it reboots, unlock the phone and you should see Cydia, which you can open and enjoy.
    Open Cydia

There you go, few ways you can use to jailbreak an iOS 9.3.3 iPhone (or any other 64 bit iOS device for that matter). Let me know how it went and if you have issues let me know in the comments below and I’ll try and help.

If this article helped you, please share it it’s greatly appreciated and don’t forget to check out my Jailbreak Tweaks section of my site for videos on all of my favorite Cydia tweaks you should check out!

Jailbreak the iPhone with a Mac/PC/Linux

In case the safari method doesn’t work, you can use this new desktop method that uses Cydia Impactor to sign the file with your own Apple ID (or a fake one if you go make one). It works well, but the downside is you need to redo it every 7 days as the certificate will expire in that long.

I. Before You Begin

  1. Make sure you perform a backup before beginning.
  2. This does require an Apple ID just like the PC version so it’s highly recommended you create a new Apple ID and not use your own. You can create a new Apple ID here.
  3. The jailbreak will only last 7 days at a time, according to Pangu. This is because the Apple ID you are using to sign the ipa file with in the tutorial expires after 7 days because it is for “personal use”. If you want one that lasts longer, you’ll need to sign up for a developer account.

II. Jailbreak the Phone Using Cydia Impactor

  1. Download the Pangu app .ipa file from their site and save it to your desktop.
    Download Pangu IPA
  2. Download Cydia Impactor (choose the version for your OS) and save that to your desktop as well.
    Download Cydia Impactor
  3. Unzip the Cyida Impactor file and run it.
    Extract Impactor
  4. Plug in the iPhone via USB and tap Trust on the screen if it asks you if you want to trust the computer.
    Plug in via USB
  5. Drag the Pangu IPA file on top of Cydia Impactor and click OK.
    Drag IPA onto Impactor
  6. Input the Apple ID username and password you want to use to sign the IPA file so it can be installed.
    Enter Apple ID
  7. On the phone, go to Settings > General > Device Management and tap on the Apple ID that you use to sign the file.
    Trust Certificate
  8. Tap Trust and then Trust again.
    Trust Again
  9. Tap on the Pangu app.
    Open Pangu
  10. Tap the jailbreak button.
    Tap Start in Pangu
  11. Lock the screen and wait for it to reboot (ignoring any notifications that come up).
    Lock the Screen
  12. Once done, you can open Cydia and you are all set.
    Open Cydia

There you go, you are jailbroken. Let me know in the comments if you need help!

If this article helped you, please share it it’s greatly appreciated and don’t forget to check out my Jailbreak Tweaks section of my site for videos on all of my favorite Cydia tweaks you should check out!

Jailbreak the iPhone with a PC (Old Method)

I. Before You Begin

  1. This will only work on Windows at the moment as the program they use is a Windows program. This may change since my writing of this, and if so you’ll be able to follow the same tutorial but choose the Mac version when downloading the program.
  2. You must have the latest version of iTunes installed (if you don’t have it download it from here).
  3. Make sure to backup your device to iTunes/iCloud before getting started.
  4. Again, this is tethered for now so rebooting your phone will kill the jailbreak and you’ll need to reuse the app on the phone to rejailbreak.

II. Prepare the iPhone for the Jailbreak

  1. On the phone, turn off Find My iPhone.
    Find My iPhone Off
  2. Turn off your passcode as well.
    Touch ID & Passcode Off

II. Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3

  1. Download the Pangu jailbreak tool for iOS 9.3.3 from their site (at the moment of writing, it is only available on the Chinese version of the site, not the English version, but that will change soon most likely). On the first page click the red button in the center, then on the next page click the green button at the top to start the download.
    Pangu iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak
    Download Pangu
  2. Once downloaded to your Windows computer, simply plug your phone in via the included USB cable.
    Plug in via USB
  3. Right-click the Pangu tool and select Run As Administrator.
    Run As Administrator
  4. Once it opens, click the big button in the middle and wait for it to download the files it needs.
    Start Pangu
  5. After that, click the next button to have it run the next program it needs (give it permission if asked).
    Second Pangu Program
  6. The new tool will open and look for your phone. Once it sees it, click the big button to proceed.
    Recognizes the iPhone
  7. It’ll then ask you for an iCloud username and password. I created a fake one and you can use that here (until someone ruins it, then you’ll have to just create your own. I don’t recommend using your real one for obvious reasons).
    Apple ID:
    Password: Pangu123
    Update 07/29/16: My Apple ID I made for you guys no longer works as it has run out of uses. Create your own using the method I mentioned in the video.
    Apple ID and Password
  8. After that, continue with the green buttons until it tells you to check out your phone.
    Check Your Phone
  9. Tap on the Apple ID in Device Management that pops up.
    Device Management
  10. Tap Trust.
    Trust First
  11. Tap Trust again.
    Trust Again
  12. Tap the Pangu app that has appeared on the phone.
    Tap Pangu App
  13. Accept the Notifications.
    Accept Notifications
  14. Tap the Blue Circle.
    Tap Blue Circle
  15. Lock the screen using the power button.
    Lock the Screen
  16. Ignore the notifications that come up (the one about low storage is because it is downloading a lot to install Cydia but it’ll clean it up when done).
    Ignore Notifications
  17. After it reboots, tap on Cydia to open it and enjoy!
    Open Cydia

There you go, jailbroken using a PC.

If this article helped you, please share it it’s greatly appreciated and don’t forget to check out my Jailbreak Tweaks section of my site for videos on all of my favorite Cydia tweaks you should check out!

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96 thoughts on “How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 (Complete Guide)(Video)”

  1. My cydia keeps crashing every single time I try to open it I’ve tried a lot of things (close it re-open it, restart my device and re click the circle to start my jailbreak again, and I’ve tried taking off my password/find my iPhone and restarting my phone but still no luck any suggestions on what I should do

    1. I’d unjailbreak using the tutorial I link to in the other comment on here. Then a restore to iOS 9.3.3 and then jailbreak again. If that doesn’t fix it then, you might have to just be patient while they work out the bugs. Jailbreak just went live today so as people all start downloading it, Cydia will start fixing it’s own bugs.

  2. Hello, I’m having a problem with my facetime and facetime audio not working after I did my jailbreak on 9.3.3 – I’m not sure why since I went into facetime settings and activated it. Can you help me with this? Is this a known problem? Thanks!

    1. I’d suggest rejailbreaking and see if that fixes it. Otherwise, it’s just a bug and something you’ll have to be patient for them to fix (this jailbreak was JUST released so bugs are expected).

      1. Hi David, thank you for your prompt response! Fortunately I was able to reboot and re-activate Cydia via PP and my FaceTime and FT-Audio resumed functionality. But, just asking – I’m seeing a few vids on YouTube with certain tweaks working on their iPhone on 9.3.3 JB but when I search on Cydia the apps listed below is not available for install on my iPhone?

        Tweaks such as;
        Callbar, Eclipse 3, Auxo Legacy Edition, Snakebite, TypeStatus..

        Not sure how this makes sense. Some advice or a solution will be much appreciated. Thanks man!

        1. Glad to hear you got it working!

          As for those tweaks, you’d have to check Google for each one and see if they have a specific repo you need to add in order to download them.

          1. Hi David, being that this is my first time in the JB community I’m not sure how to find sources for certain tweaks. I googled but not finding anything. Any guidance? Thanks

          2. So you can check out my section I mentioned and see the ones I’ve found. Each article has a video with instructions on how to install them. Otherwise you’ll Google the individual tweak name you know you are looking for and find the source from that.

            Again keep in mind as with every new jailbreak it’ll take a couple of weeks for the Cydia developers to update their tweaks to work with the new version of iOS so it might be that you just have to wait for some.

  3. Mylo La Tunchi Whyte

    so i tried the new jailbreak but the pangu application isnt accepting the apple id credentials

  4. julio hernandez

    ok so my computer wont let me open it it says installer integrity check has failed when i try to open it 🙁

    1. Then try again. Again this is a brand new jailbreak, expect some hiccups. If that doesn’t work, completely restore the phone and try the jailbreak again (also you need to be on an iPhone 5S or newer, it only works for 64 bit phones).

    1. I do turn them off just in case to make it go smoother but others have said with the no computer method that you don’t need to. Try and if it doesn’t work turn them off. Otherwise turn them off, jailbreak, then turn them back on, like I do.

  5. I jailbroken my iphone using the new no-computer method and I deleted the ‘Bigboss icon set’ and now cydia is gone. My iphone is still jailbroken with all the jaillbreak tweaks that I installed still there but no cydia even though I restarted the jailbreak. How do I get it back?

    1. You’ll have to redo the jailbreak and if that doesn’t work, unjailbreak using the tutorial I link above in the featured comment and rejailbreak after that.

    1. Try again. If that doesn’t work then unjailbreak and then try again. Otherwise just be patient. It’s a new jailbreak and is bound to have some issues like this.

  6. I just jailbroke my iPhone 5s and I am freaking out because I tried to unjailbreak it by going back to restore and when I did restore my phone the cydia app and pangu app is still there

  7. I’ve tried to do this several times from several different links on my 6s but it says download failed every time… any suggestions?

  8. Alfredo Chavarria

    When I’m supposed to connect my phone to the computer it just shows the screen where there are two phones one android and apple, and I don’t see the p sign with pagu how it was on your video

  9. I used the jail break app everything went smoothly it work and i had Cydia
    But it then just crashes and kept crashing so I deleted it but now I need it back to get rid of this Chinease pirated App Store that came with it didn’t notice I couldn’t delete until after. I went through the process of the jailbreak and I wait I click the circle it loads I lock my phone and then the notification comes up but nothing ever happens. My phone never restarts sometimes it will as soon as I lock it but Cydia never appears.

      1. So I did a full reset of the phone restoring it back to one of my old back ups and it worked but now cydia crashes instantly every time any idea thanks Ryley

    1. As with all new jailbreaks, we just have to be patient while we wait for the jailbreak tweak developers to update their tweaks to work with the new version of iOS.

    1. The jailbreak might need to be redone. Again it’s semi-untethered so if you reboot your phone you need to rerun the Pangu app. If that didn’t work you need to redo the jailbreak entirely.

  10. I followed all the isntructions, and after it “restarts” cydia doesnt appear. I did it a few times and nothing yet. What can it be ?

  11. Hello I’m new to jailbreaking and well I see the great benefits of jailbreaking the device and I also the downsides.

    I had a couple of questions when you jailbreak the devise as of now
    I wanted to know if there is a way to unjailbreak the device and remove Cydia?

    Also which is the safest way to go
    To jailbreak it through the computer or jailbreaking it directly from the device?

    I just want to avoid any complications such as the device not being able to restore back to its original settings and having it work to its highest potential or avoid any problems that can damage you device permanently

    Lastly I wanted your best recommendation: to wait for further updates and wait to find a way to resolve these issues that other users are having or simply you can say that you can trust this jailbreak that it won’t be the loss of your device

    I have currently iOS 9.3.2
    And i have an iPhone 6s Plus

    I hope that your able to respond when you have spare time
    I appreciate all that you do for your subscribers
    Thank you

    If you can provide your experience with jailbreaking up to date I would like that very much as well

    1. Jailbreaking is easy to undo. Perform a backup before you begin and then when you are ready to undo it you can use this tutorial here –
      After that, you’ll be back to normal and can restore the backup you made before jailbreaking.

      The Safari method let’s you not have to redo it every 7 days so there’s that (the computer method requires you to redo it again every 7 days). I also have one other method, that I personally like but it costs about $10 for the year (but the big benefit is it doesn’t constantly check servers for a new certificate). So I’d either do the new Safari method above or the paid Zeusmos method. Up to you.

      Again, you can easily undo everything so I wouldn’t be too concerned (I’ve used all of these methods, and restored my phone back to normal each time so I could do the next one and never had an issue).

      Good luck!

  12. How do I uninstall the jailbreak down by safari. When I plug my iPhone into the computer it isn’t being read. My iTunes it up to date and I restarted my computer. I have tried two cables but nothing is working. Do I have to uninstall profile?

  13. Hi. I just jailbreaked my iPhone using the instructions shown above. In the process, they didn’t ask me for ICloud ID instead it has my real ID. How do I log out of my real ID. Can someone please help?

  14. Will the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak work if my phone is running 9.3? Now that 9.3.4 has come out I can’t upgrade to 9.3.3

      1. Carlos Canizales

        Thank you for the response! BTW, I just discovered your site and videos, awesome job! Very informative and clear explanations. Im a fan!

  15. I downloaded a tweak the resparng it didnt work i removed it and then i resprang then my tweaks didnt work so i reboted and restarted i tried every thing now my cydia dosent work some one help please

  16. Help pls first time i making my apple id but i put the worng gmail in the id so i fill all the form correct and then at last when they said to verification your id go to your gmail and got to the link we sent at your gmail. Then i realise that gmail address id write in apple id is not mine and when i trying to make Gmail id on that address which write on my apple id the gmail said that its already exists so now i can’t sign in or out because that password i entered they said that its worng but i have all details the answer of there questions all correct amd also a phone no. I put in that apple account
    And also put secondary hotmail of my wife
    I stuck in that because the apple id is not completely registered…..pls help
    Or care center help me
    Or i should use jailbreaks and cydia to pls help what i can do pls me all the ways u know

  17. Hey! My phone is currently running on Ios 9.2 and the update now is 9.3.5 is there any chance that i could get the 9.3.3 version so that i could Jailbreak assuming that this jailbreak would only work on 9.3.3

  18. I have iOS 9.3.2 and it wowrks the first time for me! I mean the new method with cydia impactor on Windows microst Surface pro 3 pc. Ssince 05/01/2017 my Profile of the old method with chinese Programm installed blue pp app, and i wasn’t able to activate jailbraik anymore after a reboot. so tried this method above from the nice author. Worked fine and simple! many Thanks!

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