Every Android device comes equipped with a news app that allows you to receive multiple news feeds in one location. By figuring out how to manage news feeds you will no longer have to download a hundred different news apps.

I. Getting Subscriptions

1. The first way to access the News app is to add a widget to one of your screens. To do this hold your finger down on an empty spot on the screen and select Widgets. You will see a widget called News, click this to add it to the screen.

2. You will be asked to name the widget and select how long you want items to display; the default is one day.

3. Underneath the display length, you will see ‘Subscriptions,’ with a green arrow; press the arrow to bring up the options.

4. Here you will see the ‘Add feed’ menu with a few different options. Bundles selects different news feeds based on topic, which can be further edited to include all of your favorite sources for that topic. Channels chooses selected news companies that you can subscribe to. Device help is a feed that gives you device tips. Finally, there is custom, which allows you to choose a specific RSS feed or webpage.

5. Once you have chosen your subscriptions, you will be taken back to the main menu where you can select ‘Done.’

II. Using the App

1. The second way to access this app, is through the app drawer under ‘News.’

2. When you select news you will see a green arrow in the top right corner, which allows you to add a new feed.

3. You will see a list of subscriptions underneath, which will be blank until you add new feeds.

4. The options for new feeds are the same as part one (bundles, channels, etc.).

5. Underneath subscriptions you will see ‘Home Screen News Widgets,’ which tells you the different news widgets you have set up, if any.

III. Extra Information

1. To unsubscribe from a feed, long press the feed name in the subscription list. A menu will pop up with the option to unsubscribe.

2. If you are using the widget, clicking on the widget box will allow you to see the articles in list view, instead of scrolling through them.

3. There is an icon underneath each news story in the widget, which allows you to find the story on the web, and another icon that allows you to share a story.