How to Record the Screen on an iPhone Really Easily

There’s a lot of reasons that you might want to record the screen on an iPhone. Maybe you are playing a video game and want to share an epic match? Maybe you need to tell your mom how¬†exactly to use something in iOS? Regardless, Apple thought there were enough uses to actually add the ability to record the iPhone’s screen right into the software with the latest iOS 11.

For anyone who wasn’t aware of this or how exactly to do it, here’s how to record your iPhone’s screen in iOS 11.

Add Screen Recording to Control Center

First, we need to enable the screen recording function by adding it to the Control Center.

  1. Open Settings on the iPhone.Settings
  2. Tap on Control Center.Control Center Settings
  3. Tap on Customize Controls.Customize
  4. Tap the plus symbol next to Screen RecordingAdd Screen Recording to Control Center

Record the Screen

Now, you can use the screen recording function directly from the Control Center.

  1. Swipe up from off the bottom of the screen on any iOS 11 iPhone besides the iPhone X (for the iPhone X, swipe down from the right gap next to the top of the device to get Control Center instead).Control Center
  2. Press the screen recording button to begin. You can also 3D touch on the screen recording icon and then tap on the microphone icon to get microphone audio recorded in the video, as well.Recording the Screen
  3. Tap the record icon and it’ll give you a three-second countdown. After that, it’ll begin recording (you’ll know it’s recording by the fact that the status bar will turn red).Red Status Bar
  4. To stop recording, simply tap on the red status bar at the top and then tap Stop.

Play, Edit, or Share the Screen Recording

Now, here’s how to play or share the screen recording once you’re done.

  1. Open the Photos app.Photos
  2. You’ll see the screen recording in the Camera Roll as a video. Tap it.
  3. You can then tap edit at the bottom of the screen to trim the video as needed then tap done to save it.Share the Recording
  4. You can then tap share and tap the way you’d like to share it to share it with whomever you feel needs to see exactly what you just did on your iPhone.Share the Recording Close Up

Hope that helps some people. Let me know in the comments below!

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