How to Replace the iPhone 5C Battery (Complete Guide) (Video)

If you manage to not completely destroy your phone, there will undoubtably come a time when you will need to replace the battery on your iPhone 5C. Simply put, the batteries in our phones don’t have the longest lifespans and eventually they start to just lose their ability to hold as much of a charge as they used to.

Thankfully though, you can easily fix this by swapping out the battery. You can find replacement batteries online for relatively cheap and, even though Apple says it has a non-removable battery, there’s always a way to remove it (and it’s not too hard actually).

The biggest pain in this entire tutorial to replace the battery, is trying to get the darned thing to separate from the glue that’s holding it in. But with a small pry tool and some serious patience, it’s not too terrible.

Here’s how to replace the battery on your iPhone 5C.

I. Get the New Replacement Battery for the iPhone 5C

Sick of crappy batteries, I decided to make my own. I had it manufactured to the top spec you can and made sure it passed all the battery regulations with flying colors (not something the majority of batteries on Amazon can say). You can buy it here in the shop or you can, of course, head to Amazon to find a different one if you want.

II. Remove the Screen

  1. Turn off the iPhone 5C.
    Turn off the iPhone 5C
  2. Using the provided pentalobe screwdriver (if you bought my battery), remove the two screws at the bottom of the phone and set them aside (I take a white piece of paper and set that out for all of the screws I remove so I don’t lose them).
    Remove the Pentalobe Screws
  3. After that, using the provided suction cup, suction to the bottom most part of the iPhone screen without overlapping the home button.
    Suction the Screen
  4. Using the plastic pry tool, also from the kit, pry under the end of the screen while pulling up on the suction cup until you get a gap and can wedge the screen off.
    Pry Up the Screen
  5. Work your way around the screen, until it is completely up. Make sure not to bend if back too far or you will damage the cables that connect the screen to the motherboard.
    Remove the Screen
  6. You can choose to remove the 5 screws holding down the metal plate where the screen’s cables are attached, and then pop off the screen to make it a little easier, or you can do what I do and leave it connected just be careful holding it up so it doesn’t hurt the cables.

III. Remove the Original Battery

  1. With holding the screen up, unscrew the two screws holding down the metal plate over where the battery connects to the motherboard and set them and the metal plate aside (keep track of which screw goes where so you can put them back in the exact same spot).
    Remove the Battery Plate
  2. Pop off the lego-like connector of the battery.
    Pop Off Battery Connector
  3. Now for the hard part. You need to pry the battery up VERY CAREFULLY so as not to bend it or rip it. There is some glue under it that you need to separate the battery from. Once you slowly work your way around it and get it up just remove it.
    Pry Out Battery

IV. Put the Replacement iPhone 5C Battery In

  1. Now take the new battery and place it where the old battery was and connect it to the motherboard like the original one was.
    Connect New Battery
  2. Put back the metal plate and screw it back down.
    Screw Down Battery Plate

V. Replace the Screen

  1. Reattached the screen to the motherboard and screw the metal plate back down over it if you did remove it.
  2. Fold the screen back down and push it down until it snaps in place.
    Fold Screen Back Down
  3. Replace the screws in the bottom of the iPhone and turn the phone back on.
    Turn the iPhone 5C Back On

There you go, breathing new battery life into the iPhone 5C. Let me know how it went and if you have any issues or comments leave them below and I’ll try and help. Enjoy!

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