How to Set a Password on an Android Device

There are a lot of good reasons to put a password on your phone, but this is a feature you have to turn on by yourself. There are different types of passwords you can set up with Android depending on your style.

I. Setting a Password

1. Go to settings.

2. Go to location and security settings.

3. Navigate to set up screen lock.

4. You will be presented with different options: pattern, pin and password. Pattern is a simple connect the dots, pin is a numeric passcode and password is exactly what it sounds like.

5. If you want to disable a password navigate back to this section and select “none.”

6. You can also choose a security lock timer if you want it to automatically password lock after a certain amount of time.

7. After you set the password it will pop up after unlocking your phone.

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7 thoughts on “How to Set a Password on an Android Device”

  1. I really need some help here and I’m not certain if I am just too much in a panic that I am missing it or if it hasn’t been posted…but I used the security password for the first time today! Now I am unable to access my phone and in a panic because my husband and I just parted ways! I am under a lot of stress and now I have just compounded it by blanking entirely on my password!
    Until five or six days ago, i was using the pattern, which my husband just learned my pattern. So I thought it wise to change the pattern, only I wasn’t able to remember the new pattern.
    Now, if you place a piece of coal…so on and so forth and I just didn’t need a little bit more stress! I do realize I probably should have waited a while before changing things up and now I need some expertise with my htc android incredible and also doing a hard reset would only add fuel to the fire!
    I cannot think of a phrase strong enough to emphasize just how thankful I would be if someone is able to help me access my phone! BTW, I usually use my phone to play some bingo or another game in order to relax before I fall asleep at night and the desktop is just not quite cozy enough to haul into bed with me!
    Someone please have mercy upon me!
    One wound-up woman,

    1. Hello Diana,

      Unfortunately, that’s the idea of the password. You can’t access the phone’s data without the password.

      One thing you can do is, do a factory reset though. Issue here is you’ll lose settings etc. BUT your contacts will come back (since you probably unknowingly are syncing them with Google anyway), and anything on your SD card (pictures, videos, music, etc.) you can get to by taking out that memory card. Hopefully that works for you! Let me know.

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