How to Take a Photo/Video on an iPhone

The iPhone offers a large variety of basic functions that are superior to many others in comparison to different types of SmartPhones. The picture quality of photo capabilities that iPhone users have available are a much better attribute to the phone when compared to a standard camera on another device.

Here are the simple instructions on How to Take a Photo or a Video on an iPhone device.

I. Before You Begin

1. Make sure that the Camera Lens on your iPhone is clear and unobstructed prior to your attempt to take a photo or video.

II. Focus Your Shot

1. Scroll through your application icons on your iPhone until you locate the “Camera” icon.

2. From there, tap the “Camera” icon.

3. On the bottom right of the display screen, next to the capture button in the center, there is a setting preference for either taking a photo or recording a video. Slide the selection tab under either the Camera or the Video Recorder to choose your option.

4. After, focus your iPhone to enable a steady shot.

5. Press the RED capture button, located on the bottom of your display screen in the center.

III. Retrieving Your Image/Video

1. After, your captured image/recording will be saved into the Camera Roll folder.

2. To retrieve that image, you can then tap the small square that appears on the bottom left of your display screen within the camera. Your image/recording will come up as the last thumbnail within the selection since it is the most recent.

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