How to Take a Screen Shot on an iPhone

Ever tried to capture an image or photo on your iPhone to send or save, but couldn’t figure it out? When you come across an image on a website or something else you may find photo-worthy, there is a simple procedure you can follow to take an image shot of whatever it may be on your screen. There is no need to copy and paste or reformat; everything is done by the use of two buttons on your iPhone.

I. Before You Begin

1.  Please note that any of the following adjustments will only have an effect on taking a screen image shot of what you have displayed on your iPhone; nothing else. 

II. Selecting the Image

After you initially locate the image that you wish to capture, make sure that you have it set accordingly in terms of the placement on screen, as well as the image size. You can adjust the placement by using your finger to move it up/down/left/right, and to enlarge/decrease image size, use two fingers and side them toward each other or far apart until you are satisfied with the appearance.

*Keep in mind that screen shots are not specifically limited to “image and/or photo” capturing specifically. For example, if you wish to take a screen shot image of an e-mail or text message you have sent or received, you are able to do this as well. You can take a screenshot of anything you see on your iPhone.

 II. Capturing the Image

Once you are satisfied with the image appearance, you are ready to take screen shot.

1. Take your phone and simultaneously press the Home button (the circular button located at the bottom base of the phone) and the Power button (which is an oval shape located on the top right on the top on the phone.)

2. After you do so, a “flash-like” action should appear within the screen, signifying that you have successfully completed the screen shot. From there, the desired imaged can be located in the Camera Roll folder.

III. Locating the Image

To find your image, tap the Photos selection within your applications. From there, tap the Camera Roll section. Your screen shot photo should be the last one to appear within all of the other images you have saved.

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