So, you’re eager to take off the limitations of your Droid and use it on another GSM carrier and now need to know exactly how to unlock a Motorola phone. Whether your excuse is overseas travel or otherwise, you’re going to have to first find and purchase an unlock code. In order to find the correct unlock code for your phone, let’s walk through finding your IMEI.

I. Find Your IMEI

IMEI – or the International Mobile Equipment Identity – is a serial number that is unique to your device that essentially is a pinpoint for your network carrier to access your phone with. You can find it many ways, but on any mobile device you can dial *#06# and hit send/call and your IMEI should appear on your screen, freeing you up to move on to the next step in the process – Motorola unlock codes.

II. Buy an Unlock Code

There are plenty of unlock code vendors all over the internet, so feel free to Google for one, or you can just, you know, purchase one from us? That’s right, we do sell unlock codes so if you want to give us a shot, we’re here to help. Simply purchase a code from us by clicking here and you’ll receive an email with the code within 2-3 business days (usually less). From us the code is $29.95 and a full refund is given if a code doesn’t come back.

If you didn’t purchase from us, simply follow the instructions your vendor provides you in obtaining your unlock code. Once you follow these instructions, you’ll have to wait some time to have the code processed (usually just a small amount of days). After processing, you should receive your unlock code by email. Then the final part of the process in learning how to unlock a Motorola Droid begins!

III. Input the Unlock Code into Your Motorola Phone

Upon receiving your unlock code, you can move forward with unlocking your phone. Firstly, power down your phone and remove the current SIM. Once you remove your SIM card, place your new SIM in your phone and power up. You’ll then be prompted to enter your Unlock code – sometimes referred to on some devices as ‘Special or Subsidy’ codes. Do so, but triple check that you’ve entered the right one, as you can only attempt entry a certain amount of times (after that, you are locked out for good).

And that’s really it! You’re officially the owner of an unlocked phone. Remember that your phone is now unlocked for good, a full system reset isn’t going to change a thing. If your network settings aren’t functional, fear not. You may have to just enter your APN settings manually.

IV. Input the APN Settings (Optional)

In the Internet Settings section here at, you can find a repository of all the carrier’s internet settings, which you will need to set up your new APN. There, you can find your country and your carrier. The screenshots below will show you the step by step on inputting your APN settings.


gprs 3g settings- manual internet configuration step1

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gprs 3g settings- manual internet configuration step2

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From here, you are going to have to input the internet settings you found for your carrier. After the corresponding information is entered, you can wrap up by clicking save and choosing the APN you’ve entered and activating it (wait for it to turn green or check!).

Then just like that –you’re done!

Check out our How To section if you need guidance on other subjects. If you need further assistance on this topic or have anything to say about it be sure to comment below!

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