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How to Unlock an LG Phone: Easily Increase the Value of Your Phone

LG phones are some of the most popular on the Android market, so it’s understandable that if you have one – you wouldn’t wanna let it go to waste when you’re overseas. If you love your LG and are avoiding international […]

New Year’s Resolution Slipping Already? 5 Apps for Getting Back in Shape

New Year’s Resolution Slipping Already? 5 Apps for Getting Back in Shape

Oh, the gym. You elusive devil, you. All relationships are tough to maintain in life, but the on-again-off-again relationship we all have with staying in shape and going to the gym is perhaps the most enduring. Whether you’ve got fluctuating […]

How to Unlock a Sony Phone: Save the International Roaming Charges

Sony provides some of the best phones on the market. Their ahead of the curve models and the company’s international appeal makes the interest in learning how to unlock a Sony phone higher than ever. Thankfully, the process is not as complicated […]

Insomniac Much? These 7 Apps Can Help You Sleep

Insomniac Much? These 7 Apps Can Help You Sleep

We all toss and turn at night nowadays, don’t we? While half the time the guilty culprit for keeping you awake is your device itself – constantly keeping you plugged in to the rest of the world and its goings-on’s […]

How to Unlock a Samsung Phone: The Quickest Way, For Any Model

How to Unlock a Samsung Phone: The Quickest Way, For Any Model

Maybe you’re psyched about your new Galaxy device but not so psyched about your carrier. Perhaps you’re a traveler wanting to access its international usability without getting slammed with carrier fees. There are plenty reasons to ask how to unlock a Samsung […]

Root the Motorola Moto Maxx

How to Unlock a Motorola Phone: Set Your Droid Free

So, you’re eager to take off the limitations of your Droid and use it on another GSM carrier and now need to know exactly how to unlock a Motorola phone. Whether your excuse is overseas travel or otherwise, you’re going […]

What is iMessage?

If you’re using your iPad or iPhone and asking yourself a question like “what is iMessage?” odds are you’re a newbie in the world of Apple – a convert from Android – now on the other side.  Or maybe you’ve had Apple […]

The Best Browsers for iPhone

With the most recent iOS update to iOS 8 and the improvements to the stock iPhone browser (Safari) that comes with it has raised the question what is the best browsers for iPhone? Us, too. So after some digging, here’s a […]

How to Extend the iPhone’s Battery Life

Oh, the iPhone battery. Like a fabled, elusive white whale, it seems like a satisfactory iPhone battery life seems unattainable. Even as the usability of our favorite Apple devices gets improved with each update to its operating software, it seems […]

How to Record Calls on an iPhone

Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster or a super creep, you may be curious how to record calls on an iPhone.   To record iPhone calls, there are a plethora of options through various apps that make you fork over a […]

How to Add Push Notifications to an iPhone Email Thread

Keeping tabs of your emails is an increasing necessity the more responsibilities one has.  Whether it’s a conversation with a family member, a friend, or a co-worker, we all are constantly engaging in at least one important chat. For what […]

How to Share Your Location on iOS 8

Tired of engaging back and forth in a headache inducing miscommunication of a meet up spot with your friend?  Is whichever maps app you are using not pinpointing the proper location when you type in the address that you are […]

How to Find Old Photos in Messages Threads on Your iPhone

Messages on your iPhone or iPad on the iOS 8 software is loaded with improvements.  When messaging on your Apple device under the new update, so many things are made so much easier. How many times have we been sent […]

How To Recover Deleted Photos on iOS 8

Everybody deletes photos, whether on purpose or accidentally.  At one point or another, we’ve had the need to unearth an embarrassing photograph of a friend or to salvage an accidentally trashed shot that was totally Instagram worthy.  Losing intimate memories or […]

How to Automatically Delete Messages on the iOS 8

When it comes to text messages, they’re almost always a private manner.  Whether friends, family, or fightin’ words with foes, our inboxes often get flooded so much so that we have to do some spring cleaning from time to time. […]