The Best Browsers for iPhone

With the most recent iOS update to iOS 8 and the improvements to the stock iPhone browser (Safari) that comes with it has raised the question what is the best browsers for iPhone? Us, too. So after some digging, here’s a list of the best iPhone browsers we could find. Whether you want to have a similar experience browsing on your phone as you do on your home computer, want access to content your current browser doesn’t allow you to access, or are just simply curious about what else is out there, you’re bound to find the browser of your dreams below.

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Google Chrome, which is many users’ desktop browsing alternative, has become one of the most used mobile browsing alternatives. Considered the best iPhone web browser and the best browser for iPad by many of its users, Chrome comes with syncing capability, unlimited tabs, date savings, translation capabilities, and voice search. This browser might be ideal if you hate having to log in to your Google Accounts continuously or are short on data and on a budget!

Chrome is Free.


Puffin is not only a lightening fast browsing alternative for your Apple device, but it also allows you access to Flash content. This browser is stuffed to the brim with additional features like syncing capabilities across other Puffin browsers. It also has a game pad control system that permits you to play Flash games, if that’s your fancy.

Puffin is $3.99.


With a clean, aesthetically pleasing, and usable interface, Dolphin is considered by many to be the best iOS browser. Perhaps the coolest part of Dolphin is its gesture creation capabilities. With Dolphin, you can create your own navigation shortcuts by swiping in custom shapes letting you access websites of your choice with your own personal flick of a finger. Dolphin also comes with even more features, such as Dolphin Sonar which lets you voice search – however this extension costs a dollar…

Dolphin is Free.

iCab Mobile

iCab Mobile is a good little browser for the attachment junkie. Whether you’re sharing files with friends or co-workers, iCab may become your front runner for best browser. Why? Well, iCab stands apart from the other browsers we’ve listed because it carries uploading/downloading capabilities with third party cloud services like DropBox. So, when it comes to having an app that has capabilities that resembles that of your desktop browser, iCab may be the best of the iPhone browsers.

iCab is $1.99.

So, are you convinced to jump ship from Safari and try your hand another browser? Let me know what you think about these options or if you find any better alternatives in the comments below. Do they work out for you and your purposes or are you better off with Apple’s stock browser? Let me know!

And don’t forget that if you need more tips for your Apple device, you gotta be sure to check out our iOS How To’s section for more help!

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