How To Recover Deleted Photos on iOS 8

Everybody deletes photos, whether on purpose or accidentally.  At one point or another, we’ve had the need to unearth an embarrassing photograph of a friend or to salvage an accidentally trashed shot that was totally Instagram worthy.  Losing intimate memories or hilarious captured moments can be a bummer and even a little bit stressful.

Luckily, there’s no need to sweat this small stuff any longer.  Apple’s new iOS 8 update makes recovering deleted photos of yesteryear real easy — and it doesn’t rely on iCloud, manually syncing, or any other way that may make you feel like your privacy may be in jeopardy (don’t want your secret selfies being posted to reddit, now do we?).

Here’s the seamless, simple how to for recovering your deleted pictures on your Apple device, using iOS 8.

1. Locate and tap on that przetty looking Photos app.

image2 (1)

2.  Once in your Photos app, click the Albums folder on the bottom right.

image3 (1)

3.  Go to the aptly named Recently Deleted sub-folder (you might have to scroll).

image5 (1)

4.  In Recently Deleted, find the photo you’re trying to save from the depths of deletion.

image6 (1)

5.  Hit the Recover Button on the bottom right.

image7 (1)

6.  Once you hit that Recover button, another confirmation button will appear- hit that!

image8 (1)

And just like that your photo is yours again! Take a deep breath, relax, and start thinking about the filters you’re gonna add to it.

Did you find this guide useful? Any additions? Comment away!

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4 responses to “How To Recover Deleted Photos on iOS 8”

  1. I just recovered some deleted photos! Good to know! Love my iphone 6 more and more!

  2. Kk says:

    Wt if I don’t see photos in recently deleted folder can you give some suggestions for that

  3. kenvina says:

    Hi, there

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    It helps you to scan your iTunes or iCloud backup files, after that you can take a preview of these found data and save them to your laptop.

  4. Pi Seth says:

    but i already delete from recently deleted too so how to recover ?

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