How to Upgrade the Razer Blade 14 SSD (Easiest Method)

The relaunch of the new Razer Blade 14 in 2021 meant Razer squeezing the power of the Razer Blade 15 into a much smaller form factor and frankly, that’s all I ever want–just more portable power.

The thing is that because of that smaller form factor, there is only one SSD slot. Thankfully, Razer kept that upgradeable even if the RAM is not now.

When you buy the Blade 14, there is only one SSD option and while 1TB is a decent amount, for my video editing workflow, it’s not going to cut it. So, since I am going to be upgrading my new Blade 14 SSD anyway, I figured I might as well film it to show how to upgrade the SSD in the easiest way for anyone else who might need to do so, as well.

Before You Begin

Before we get started, you’ll need the following:

  • New Razer Blade 14: Obviously, but just in case you don’t have it, you can grab it here (this tutorial will work for any Razer Blade with only one SSD slot so long as it came out in the last couple of years, though).
  • T5 Screwdriver & Philips Screwdriver: You’ll need the T5 screwdriver to remove the screws on the bottom of the laptop and the philips to remove the one screw holding in the SSD. Here’s a good collection that has both.
  • SSD Upgrade: Now, I went a little overboard and am using the 8TB option, which you can do, but I might not recommend it and I’ll explain why later. There are 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB options here though.
  • SSD Enclosure: This is the easiest way to copy everything from your current drive to the new one and saves you a ton of headache. Trust me. I suggest buying this specific one if you bought one of the drives above as it works best with them.

Clone Your Current SSD to the New SSD

OK, once we have everything, we can start by cloning the original drive inside the computer to the new SSD we just bought using the enclosure we also just bought. This process will essentially copy all of your current data as well as the OS (Windows) and just make everything so much more seamless in the transition. And, thankfully, the drives I used for my upgrade allow you to use a free cloning tool by the same company (it actually checks the drive to make sure it’s made by the company before it’ll let you use the software).

1. Put the new SSD we just bought into the new enclosure we also just bought (it goes in at a slight angle, clicks in, and then you push it down and have the rubber stopper hold it in place) and close it until it clicks shut.

2. Plug it in with the included USB-C cable to your computer and the computer should recognize it as a new external SSD.

3. Download the cloning software from this site here.

4. Install it, once it’s downloaded, and then open it.

5. Select Tools > Clone Disk and click Next.

6. Select Automatic and click Next.

7. Select the drive we want to clone the information from (the one inside the computer) and click Next.

8. Select the drive we want to clone the information to (the one in the enclosure) and click Next.

9. Confirm that everything on the drive in the enclosure will be erased by clicking OK.

10. Select To Replace the Disk on This Computer and click Next.

11. Finally, click Proceed and wait for it to clone the drive.

Razer Blade 14 SSD Upgrade

Next, is the actual replacement of the SSD.

1. Unplug the SSD enclosure and remove the SSD from inside.

2. Shut down the computer and wait for it to turn off completely.

3. Flip it over and lay the lid down on something softer so you don’t scratch it (I used a leather booklet, but paper towels work just fine).

4. Using the T5 screwdriver, unscrew all 10 of the screws on the bottom of the laptop (I usually make sure to put each screw right next to the hole it came out of so I can keep track of them and where they go).

5. Then pry up the bottom cover and set it aside.

6. Next, we’ll unscrew the singular Philips screw holding down the original SSD.

7. Once you do, it’ll pop up at an angle and you can slide it out. Make sure to save this somewhere if you plan to put it back when you sell the laptop (alternatively, you can put it in the enclosure and then format it and now you have a super-fast 1TB external SSD or even sell it after that, as well).

8. In the same way that we put the new SSD into the enclosure, slide it in till it fits snug into where the original just came out of and then push it down and lock it in place by screwing it down.

9. Put the bottom cover back on the laptop.

10. Screw it back down to secure it (be careful and slow with this as I’ve stripped way too many screws on Razer laptops–I swear they use the softest screws ever).

11. Flip the laptop back over.

12. Turn it on.

Everything should boot up as normal and you should be able to see the new capacity for your C drive ready to go (I also recommend doing a quick reboot too to just get things to settle and work better).

There you go! Let me know if you have any issues in the comments below!

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  1. You said you might not recommend the upgrade to 8TB, but I don’t see the explanation. Do you mind sharing? What would you recommend for the largest upgrade, 4TB?

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