How to Use Memoji

Whether you like them or not, Memojis are now a thing. Apple has just unveiled iOS 12 and with it one of the most talked about new features, Memoji.

Memoji are basically the same concept as Animoji, which use facial recognition on the iPhone X’s front camera system to mimic your facial expressions on a 3D emoji. The big difference between them is that Memoji are human-like and able to be customized to help them represent you better.

They’re kinda fun actually, so if you want to learn how to use Memoji, here’s how.

Create Your Memoji

To create your Memoji, you can open your messaging app, tap on the iMessage App Store icon and then tap on the Animoji icon.

In here, you’ll be given all of your Animojis as usual (along with some new ones in iOS 12, by the way) and can swipe over to the left to get to the new Memoji.

Tap on New Memoji

Tap the plus sign here to add a new Memoji and it’ll bring you to the customization options.

Memoji Customization Options

First, you’ll choose your skin tone (from yellow to real skin tones to purple and blue even) and then you’ll choose whether to have freckles and how much.

After that, we can choose our hairstyle (there are a ton of them and they start with the longer ones and move to shorter ones as you scroll down) and hair color (again no shortage of colors).

You can even give yourself highlights in whatever color you want.

Choose Highlights

Moving on we can choose our head shape next and this apparently starts with three options for age. Young, average I guess, and old, which is just average with a couple of lines above your mouth?

Choose Age

Then you can choose from a bunch of chin options.

Choose Chin

Swiping over we then have eyes where you can choose from the same colors that are in every option basically. And then you choose from the various shapes and then eyelashes.

After that, we have an entire section devoted to eyebrows.

Choose Eyebrows

You have three different nose sizes to choose from currently as well as six different lip sizes. And you can choose from any number of lip colors, naturally.

Three ear sizes follow that and options for earrings as well as the ability to change the color of the earrings.

For facial hair, we have three sideburn options from none to full-on Wolverine. And then a crapton of mustaches, beards, soul patches, etc.

Next, you can add eyewear in a bunch of different frames that you can customize the color of as well as the lens color.

Choose Eyewear

And, finally, we have headwear aka hats and you can, of course, change the color of them.

Choose Headwear

After that, you can tap done and it’ll save the Memoji in your Animojis.

Memoji Featured

Using the Memoji

You can edit, duplicate (in case you wanted to maybe create different looks for yourself), or delete your Memoji by tapping the three dots to the left and then choosing one of those options.

Choose Edit Options

To send the Memoji you can just tap on the record button and you’ll have up to 30 secs to record a message and make whatever facial expressions you want. You can also tap stop to end the recording early.

Tap Record

After that, you can watch it back and either tap the trash can to redo it, or the arrow to send it.

Trash, Replay, or Send

You can send it to anyone, by the way, they don’t need to have the feature or even an iPhone for it to work. It’ll just show up as a video clip on devices that aren’t iMessage enabled.

Memoji as a Video

You can also use them as an overlay in the camera in Messages by tapping on the camera icon, then the effects button and then Animoji.

Then you can send a video or photo from here to your friend, use regular Animoji as well, and even use them in Facetime, too.

Animoji in Camera

Now, if you want to share it outside of messaging, you can tap it, tap the share icon, and tap save to save it to your gallery (you can also tap and hold on it and tap save as well). Then you can find it in your camera roll and tap the share icon from there to share it via any normal sharing method you want.

You can also have more than one Memoji by the way, which means different looks for your own or maybe recreate your friend to send them their own face back to them.

Sending Friend Their Own Memoji

There you go, there’s the gist of how to use Memoji. Let me know if that was helpful for you in the comments. As always, thanks for reading.

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