Intel Just Announced an 18-core, 36-thread Core i9 Today

AMD and Intel are just one upping each other and it’s awesome (for us, the consumers).

After AMD announced their own “world’s most powerful consumer processor” with 16-cores and 32-threads, Intel has announced their contender–with two more cores and 4 more threads.

The new i9 processor is the their new top model with a price of $1,999 but there will also be a bit more reasonable versions as well as new i7 processors being released, as well. Check out the full chart of their new processors below.

Chart of Intel's New i9 Processors at Computex

With this and NVIDIA’s new Q-Max program of designing laptops along side OEMs to increase performance, reduce noise, and make thinner laptops, this is a crazy time for powerful computers, no?

Thoughts guys? This enough to stop you from buying a Ryzen at the moment and wait a bit or no?

Source: Techcrunch
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