iPhone 8 Model Hands-On & Feature Predictions

I don’t usually do rumors. But the iPhone 8 or X or whatever it’s going to be called has now just shown up in way too many places to be ignored. So I managed to get my hands on the dummy model of the leaked images etc. to see it for myself.

As with any leak, take it with a grain of salt–just maybe slightly less salt considering how widespread this is, but still, served salted.

If it is true though, there’s a few predictions we can make about the feature-set of the new phone. These aren’t facts, they’re just my personal predictions, so, again, lightly salted.

First, the front is basically covered in screen. We have tiny bezels on all sides and very glaringly missing home button or fingerprint reader anywhere on the device. Instead, we have a variety of sensors at the top of the front of the phone and if I’d have to guess, I’d say it means we’re getting some form of facial/iris recognition with one of those sensors being infrared and, thanks to Apple’s clear push into the AR space I’m sure some other depth sensing/AR type sensors perhaps.

I can already see it, too, “Here at Apple, we thought what’s more secure than a fingerprint and yet also even more effortless. You don’t even have to lift a finger. That’s right, your freakin’ face.”

Now, this doesn’t however take into account that, sure there’s no fingerprint sensor, but more importantly there’s no home button.

iPhone 8 Flat on Table

So how will the OS handle the user needing to go home? Squeezeable frame? New 3D touch input method? Maybe the power button will just become a home button, as well? No clue.

Not that it matters, it looks awesome without a home button. #courage.

As for the back of the device, we have our dual cameras but set up in a vertical alignment instead of horizontal (Or, technically it’s horizontal now if you’re holding the phone landscape like you would to take a photo, I don’t know). I’m going to go on a limb and say telephoto and wide like normal but this configuration is somehow better for depth perception in some way for AR applications. We’ll see.


Also, we have what appears to be a glass back instead of a metal one which I’m going to assume/pray is for wireless charging to finally be added to the device (and thereby push wireless charging into the mainstream a bit more).

As you can tell, there are three colors that these guys keep showing up in. A silver/white, black, and a weird Blush Gold everyone is calling it.

iPhone 8 All Colors 2

Now, the colors on these is the thing to be skeptical the most of in my opinion as even if they will come in three colors like this, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll all be these exact shades. Part of me is hoping that as well, Blush Gold looks more bandaid and less gold to me personally.

Finally, here it is next to some of the other latest flagships for scale.

iPhone 8 vs Competitors

And there you go guys, quick run down of the top tier newest iPhone dummy model. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and is there anything else you want me to do with these if anything or other videos you’d like to see and if you liked this, please remember to subscribe and ding the bell next to the subscribe button to get notified when I do new videos. Thanks for reading!

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