LG Watch Sport Review: The Best Standalone Fitness Watch? (Video)


LG Watch Sport on Wrist

Now, if you remember the tragically recalled a week after it’s launch, LG Watch Urbane LTE 2nd Edition, the LG Watch Sport seems a bit like it could have been the Urbane 3rd Edition. The device has the same exact P-OLED 1.38″ 480×480 pixel screen, almost exactly the same measurements, the same 4GBs of internal storage, 768mbs of RAM, and even similar button placement.

LG Watch Sport vs LG Watch Urbane LTE 2nd Edition

Besides where it’s the same, it’s also been upgraded in certain areas as well. First up, it looks a lot nicer and despite it’s bulk is a clean looking watch. The stainless steel casing is smoothed out for a more sporty look in my opinion and the bands are also much better¬†looking. They are, however, a little rigid and non-replaceable compared to¬†other Android Wear watches. The reason for this, though, is that they actually house the needed antennas for LTE apparently (just like the Urbane did) so that’s the trade-off.

One other important hardware difference is the addition of a rotating crown dial that can be used to scroll through menus as well as clicked to go home or open the app drawer. I have to admit that I got used to and started to really like this new input for Android Wear.

Rotating Crown

On either side of that crown is two customizable buttons that can be changed to launch different actions but by default start a workout in Google Fit and open Android Pay.

Which brings us to the other reason this phone is larger than most, it has NFC. This means you can open Android Pay on the watch and hold the face to a terminal to use that to pay where Android Pay is accepted.

Android Pay

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