Motiv: First Proper Fitness Tracker That Goes On Your Finger (Video)

Most wearables are worn on your wrist, but a few companies have dared to make the long journey down the hand to the finger.

We’ve seen ones that can light up when you get a notification, ones that are essentially an NFC device but not ones that have the same type of sensors that fitness trackers usually do.

Finally though, there’s Motiv.

A very minimalistic looking metallic ring the deceivingly simple looking device can do more than you think. It can track heart rate through your finger and also track steps which it then uses to determine calories you’ve burned, when you’re active, and even sleep.

And keeping it on all the time so you can track all of that is what Motiv wants. They’ve made it out of a very light metal and also made it waterproof up to 150 meters in depth so you can swim with it, shower with it, sleep, etc.

Motiv Ring Packaging

The app that comes with it also focuses on Active Minutes instead of traditional steps, etc. (which you can still see if you want though). The idea being that active minutes or minutes when your heart rate is higher during these more strenuous times is more beneficial to you than just walking at a normal pace. Which just makes sense.

Motiv Ring on Table

Regardless of whether you use the active minutes goal it’s nice to see a tracker that is a bit more inconspicuous than ones worn not the wrist, especially one that looks this good.

What do you guys think of it?

Special thanks to for bringing me with them to CES! Check out their site for more tech from CES!

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2 responses to “Motiv: First Proper Fitness Tracker That Goes On Your Finger (Video)”

  1. Chemy says:

    One thing I was wondering if will be a problem is weightlifting, maybe the metal and weight can damage the ring, so I think it can be a limitation, also some people wear gloves while working out for several reasons, so that also can be a problem, but for a running person I guess it’s ok, and as Scuba DIver I would use it due it can go deep enough

    • David Cogen says:

      Hi Chemy,

      Yeah I didn’t think of gloves. That would definitely be an issue. It’s super thin though so not sure if it might fit in the glove but probably wouldn’t be comfortable. But yeah, it has a crazy water rating which would make it perfect for any type of water sport, for sure.

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