NextGenUI Walkthough: Change the Entire UI of iOS 7 (Video)

While this jailbreak tweak might not be the most functional, it is pretty darn impressive. Someone created a theme, called NextGenUI, that changes the entire iOS user interface and replaces it with this “futuristic” new homescreen. Essentially, it gives you a layer of background that you can see a part of at a time (scrolling allows you to see more) that you can add “nodes” to. These nodes are either apps or folders of apps, and all of it matches the very Tron-like feeling the developer seemed to be going for.

If this is something you think you’d like to try out (or just something you’d like to confuse your other iPhone-using friends with), here’s how to install it, set it up, and use it.

I. Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad

To do this procedure you must be jailbroken. If you aren’t, you can head to our Jailbreak How To’s section and pick the jailbreak for your version of iOS (currently at the time of writing this is 7.0.6). Once done with that procedure and you have Cydia installed, head back here to continue.

II. Install NextGenUI

1. Open Cydia.

2. Tap Search in the bottom right corner.

3. Type in NextGenUI.

4. Tap on NextGenUI when it shows up.

5. Tap Purchase at the top right and follow the prompts to login and purchase using your preferred method.

6. Tap Close when you’ve paid.

7. Tap Install where Purchase used to be.

8. Tap Restart.

III. Setup NextGenUI

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on NextGenUI.

3. Tap Enabled.

4. Choose the settings that appear beneath it based on your personal preference.

5. Tap Respring.

IV. NextGenUI Basic Concepts

  • Spinning globe in the center is your status bar (charge, etc. are rings around the outside).
  • Tapping the spinning globe opens a folder of all of your apps.
  • You can scroll around on this rectangular background and the spinning globe is the center hub.
  • Tap and hold anywhere to add an App or Folder (called App and Data Store respectively).


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8 thoughts on “NextGenUI Walkthough: Change the Entire UI of iOS 7 (Video)”

  1. The “someone” who created this is GroovyCarrot. It would always be good to give credit where due to the author. A simple google search would have given you the information to do so.

    1. First no need for the attitude. A simple “GroovyCarrot made this! Mind adding his name to this?” Would have sufficed.
      Secondly, since I’m directing people too an app (where all of his info is easily visible) it’s not necessary. It’s not as if im taking something and hosting it here where people wouldnt know where it came from. His credit is all over the app and it’s redundant to mention. Also it’s a paid app that he makes money on, I’m sure he care more about that than his made up handle getting a mention in text.

  2. bloddy sheet app.. my iphone stuk on first screen.. on what new. i cant event restorr my iphone caz i have to go in sting n tun off finding my iphone. to do this i have to go in setting bu i cat get off bloody this screen.

      1. Dstrukshunn Terrah

        I really like it… Just haven’t been able to change the colors. By the way, what keyboard tweak did you use?

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