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Surface Laptop and Matching Mouse

What You Need to Know About Windows 10S (& Why It’s a Good Idea for Microsoft)

Alongside the beautiful new Surface Laptop from yesterday, Microsoft also unveiled a new version of Windows that it will initially run called Windows 10 S (S for Student? S for […]

Surface Laptop Blue

Microsoft Surface Laptop: Functionality Meets Beauty

I’ve mentioned this in a video not too long ago, but Windows laptops aren’t the sexiest devices usually. There are some, but walking into an electronics store’s laptop section generally […]

Giphy on S8

How to Share Gifs to Instagram

The internet is obsessed with gifs. Cat gifs, gifs from TV shows, movies, celebrities making odd faces and more that people now use to post as small animations on the […]

HP Wave

HP Wave Review: Good Looking, Great Sounding Home Theater PC

A package from HP arrived and inside is a very interesting looking-computer with a very familiar logo. That logo is Bang and Olufsen and if you aren’t familiar they’re known […]

Furbo Dog with Puppy

Toss Treats, Talk to Your Dog, & Ease Anxiety w/ This Awesome Gadget!

A friend of mine got a new puppy not too long ago, and while he’s pretty damn cute, he’s also a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which apparently is another name […]

Predator Triton 700 Keyboard and Trackpad

Acer Announces a New Ultrathin Gaming PC, All-in-One w/ Liquid Cooling, & More

Acer held their annual press conference in NYC this year at an IMAX theater on the Upper West Side. Now, one might wonder why an IMAX theater? Well, once you […]


New “Server-Grade” iMac Models with Xeon Processors Coming This Year?

Ah, Apple doesn’t like people saying that they are “forgetting about the creative professionals that helped the company in its early days”. While they aren’t refreshing the Mac Pro, they […]

Hits Mobile Logo

Hits Mobile (Spain) Internet Settings

Here’s how to input the following settings on an Android device.

Uber Pickup

Uber Broke Apple’s Rules and Got Caught

This story has been going around the internet that originated on the New York Times’ site –feel free to read it there in full detail. The article essentially discusses Uber’s CEO, […]

S8 Launcher on the S7

How to Get the Galaxy S8 Launcher, Bixby & Always-On Display on the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

It was only a matter of time, but developers over at XDA impatiently waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 to arrive, figured out how to port over the S8’s […]

Plastc Card Lost

Plastc Disappears After $9 Million in Pre-Orders for Their All-in-One Smart Credit Card

Plastc took $9 million dollars in pre-orders for their card that allows you to store a number of cards in it digitally and then swap between them by tapping the e-ink […]

Gear VR and S8 Plus Unboxing

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus & Gear VR w/ Remote Unboxing and Specs (Video)

My Galaxy S8+ finally arrived along with the new Gear VR with wireless remote that came with it if you pre-ordered from Samsung so I figured as is the protocol […]