How to Remove an iOS Beta (& Get Back to Stock Firmware)

OK, so a new version of iOS is officially out and so now you’re done with messing around with the beta and just want to get back on the stable OS track.

You’d like to think that maybe the beta software would just update to the latest stable version of iOS (and then maybe move to the next beta when that’s available?), but no, it doesn’t work that way. You need to actually remove the beta profile and then force the device to find the stable update and replace the software, for whatever reason.

In case you aren’t sure how to do that, however, here’s a quick guide on remove iOS betas from your iPhone and get back to the normal stock iOS.

Remove the Beta Profile

  1. Tap on Settings > General.Settings
  2. Tap on Profiles.Profile
  3. Tap on the iOS Beta profile.Beta Profile
  4. Tap Remove.Remove the Beta
  5. Reboot the phone.Turn off the iPhone

Flash the Shipping Version of iOS

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer.Download iTunes
  2. Plug in the phone via USB to the computer with iTunes open.Plug in via USB
  3. Put the phone into recovery mode.
    1. iPhone 6S and earlier – Press and hold the power and home buttonsĀ at the same time and keep holding them until it shows it is in recovery mode.
    2. iPhone 7 and newer – Press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time and keep holding them until it shows it is in recovery mode.Recovery Mode
  4. Click Restore when prompted in iTunes and it’ll erase and restore the device to the latest iOS shipping firmware at the time.Restore Through iTunes
  5. Activate the phone.iPhone Restoring
  6. Restore a backup from iCloud or iTunes.Restore Backup

And that’s it, pretty simple. You’ll now get all of the normal updates as if you never loaded the beta in the first place.

Hope that helped some people and let me know if it worked for you in the comments below!

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