How to Replace the Battery on the iPhone 5 (Video)

If you’re iPhone 5’s battery will no longer hold a charge, replacing the battery might be a good solution. Thanks to a lot of sellers on Amazon, you can even get the replacement battery for way less than you think (I got mine for under $25). After you get your new battery, simply, follow the steps below to replace it.

I. Before You Begin

1. This will void the warranty on the device (although at this point you are probably out of warranty on your iPhone 5 anyway).

2. You must purchase a replacement battery before beginning this procedure. Here is where I purchased it from.

II. Remove the Existing Battery

1. Remove the two screws at the bottom of the device (one on either side of the charging port).

2. Using the suction cup placed as far towards the bottom of the screen and as close to the home button (without being on it), pull the front of the device from the frame while holding down the frame with the plastic separator tool.

3. Pull the screen up to a 90 degree angle (do not pull it past that or try to separate it entirely).

4. Unscrew the two screws to the right of the battery holding in the metal plate that is on top of the battery connector.

5. Remove the battery connector plate.

6. Remove the battery connector.

7. Using the plastic separator tool, pry up the battery along its right side to separate it from the glue underneath and pop it out.

III. Replace the Battery

1. Put in the new battery.

2. Connect the battery lead to the connector as the old one was connected (make sure it snaps in).

3. Put the metal connector plate back on top of the connector.

4. Screw it back in to place.

5. Check nothing else came unplugged inside the device.

6. Put the screen back down and push on it to reconnect it to the frame.

7. Screw the two screws at the bottom of the device back in.

8. Power up and enjoy.

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